12 Productivity Champions: Over 1,000 Orders Each!

They are 12 writers who managed to complete over 1,000 orders. Can you guess their names? Yes, you’re right, they are: Mary-tpn, kincheloe100, leroyk, cate2, George-tpn, funwriter, sweetessays-tpn, Writer_U201, baobab2, kartu2, fanuel, and Mark.

Let’s look back at 2011. This is the year when the majority of productivity champions joined EssayShark.com Team. The others joined in 2012 and 2013. Since then, all of them have been actively assisting customers by writing high-quality academic papers. Simply provide instructions and these writers will get down to work like a dose of salts.

12 productivity champions are always busy writing papers. Right now each of them has orders in progress. It stands to reason that their efforts are rewarded in a worthy manner! What is more, writers receive their customer’s gratitude and loyalty on the one hand and on the other hand, they earn rating and get awards to build successful writing career with EssayShark.com.

Let 12 productivity champions share their experience in the academic world by writing the next paper for you!

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