Academic Article Example: Red Bull Brand Elements


Red Bull is an international brand of energy drink often packed in standard aluminum cans with the brand colors and logo on the package. The brand identities of Red Bull comprise ‘trademarkable’ devices that differentiate and identify the drink. The foremost such element about the energy drink is its brand name, the logo and symbol of the company, the slogan and packages (Brasel & Gips, 2011).

The criteria for choosing brand elements are associated with the overall marketing strategy of the brand. The elements are:

a. Memorable – the Red Bull logo and name are elements of the brand that are very memorable and have been noted to constantly get extensive attention from diverse consumer cultures. The Red Bull brand, packaging, and other aspects of packaging and marketing facilitate recognition in consumption settings. The logo of two red wrestling bulls with a yellow circle around the horn and head regions has an international popularity. One of the factors that have promoted memory of the brand is the constant involvement and sponsorship the company has always had for extreme sports like motor biking, Formula 1 racecars’ sports, and all extreme sports featuring on SPNA Chanel (Mühlbacher & Hemetsberger, 2008).

b. Likeable – commodities that are memorable and meaningful to consumers are said to be likeable. Red bull brand is likeable because of the astute characteristic taste and the rigid differentiation among three key flavors. These flavors are the regular Energy Drink, the Cola flavor and the Sugar free. The likeability of the brand is also associated with the nutritional components and additives apart from the high-energy ingredients. Besides, the slogan of the brand of “Gives you wings” is widely appreciated by consumers from diverse geographical and social backgrounds (Hein, 2001).

c. Transferable – it is a measure of the extent to which the brand elements promote brand equity either in new markets or in circumstances of product differentiation. The brand name and logo are adequately distinct and can be easily assimilated in many cultures. Geographical boundaries do not limit the marketing of the products because of the uniqueness of the brand.

d. Protectable – a protectable brand is that which has adequate autonomy in symbols, name, and thus enjoy immunity from any major legal challenges and disputes. The vigorous defense of the brand has made it stand out despite the arrival of new energy drink brands into the market.

e. Meaningful – this is a derivation of the persuasiveness or descriptive aspects of the brand that is suggestive of some attributes. Energy is associated with bulls and therefore the brand name is itself very suitable and suggestive. Moreover, the general function of the product is to add energy to the user particularity during sporting activity. This is a very perfectly obtained goal with the brand in the South African world cup events (Ntloko & Swart, 2008).

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