Academic Research Paper Sample: The Jews

Why Are The Jews Constantly Persecuted?


According to the earliest chronicler of the Jews, the Jews are a religious, ethnic, and social group that once inhabited Israel. However, due to wars and persecution the Jews eventually fled from their homeland into nearby kingdoms. Today, the Jews live throughout the world. The root causes of Antisemitism are complex and obscure. P. E. Grosser and E.G. Halperin (1983) discuss in their book Antisemitism, causes and effects: An analysis and chronology of 1900 years of Antisemitic attitudes and practices the long and complicated history of the Jews. The last two thousand years have borne witness to countless attacks and censures against Jews who have mostly been unwelcome in Europe and parts of the MENA region.

During the time of the Roman Empire, the Jews dispersed throughout the world; however, this diaspora did little to stem antisemitism. Speculation about the beginnings of Jewish persecution points to the fact that in the ancient world the Jews were much different than other cultures living within the same proximity. These differences, which included the practice of monotheism, orthodoxy, and the persecution of homosexuals set the Jews apart from many of the other Mediterranean cultures. To the Jews, “the gods of the Greeks seemed wildly offensive” (Jewish Virtual Library, 2015). Another explanation is that the Greeks and the Jews had a rivalry stemming from differences in culture and national power. The Jews, “like all others in the region, bitterly resented the Greeks. They were more foreign than any group they had ever seen” (Jewish Virtual Library, 2015). The the root causes of antisemitism remain hidden, it was during confrontations with Greeks and Romans that the Jews developed a particularly nasty reputation. This reputation then led to persecution. Thousands of years later, humans are beginning to make sense of the ordeal.


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