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Achieve Success with These Cover Letter Writing Tips

When in comes to cover letter writing, some start pressing the panic button and some just do not know what to expect from it. Some people think the most difficult part is to send a resume and prepare for a job interview. But the real challenge comes later, when you are required to write a cover letter. You may have heard ideas like there is no need to send such letters anymore, but skipping this step will be considered an act of laziness. It gives you additional chances to get hired – sometimes very high chances. So, get ready to impress your hiring manager following our cover letter writing tips.

Cover Letter Writing Tips to Impress Your Hirer

Just to remind you, the main aim of cover letter writing is to introduce a person that is seeking for a job, present his/her skills and experience and also explain why he/she should be hired for a certain position. Because this is the first impression about you as a potential employer, do everything you can to introduce yourself in the best light.

  1.  Carry out thorough research. Try to find as much information about the company as it is needed – check out their website, their office parties, read the reviews about it as an employee, check out LinkedIn profiles of the employees, pay attention to the challenges the company may be facing, etc.
  2.  Write a strong introduction. The typical phrase will sound like “I’m writing this letter to apply for the position of …., because….. .” Do you think you will impress your hirer with it? Start with an opening phrase which will get the reader interested. For example, something like this: “I’m a web-designer with 7 years of working experience and I would love to share my ideas and implement my projects working with your fast-developing team” (do not forget to research the information whether the company is really developing, or keeps old traditions). Do not try to get benefits from your sense of humor while cover letter writing – keep it for the job interview and lunch talks with your future colleagues. Do not forget to address the particular person – hiring manager, etc.
  3.  Pay emphasis to your personal skills and value. Try to show how you can
    help the company to achieve their aims and solve difficulties (if there are any.) You can share your previous experience in such activities, or innovative ideas. You will be informed why you got hired or did not get hired, why the position is available, so you can manage the requirements that are set for you.
  4.  Be enthusiastic in your cover letter. Companies want to hire people who are really interested in the positions they offer. Prove how excited you are applying for this position and having an opportunity to get it. Of course, you won’t be able to do this by sending 50 letters to various companies – find 7-10 vacancies you are really interested in and do your best to impress hirers.
  5.  Keep your cover letter short and specific. A whole page of text is usually too long, so try ro make it as brief as it is possible.

When Cover Letter Writing Tips Do Not Help

If you do not feel like writing a cover letter on your own and can not present yourself in the best light, there are always writers who can help you with cover letters and other types of research-based projects. We will deliver high-quality writing based on your requirements and expectations. Our writers work 24/7 to meet your needs and provide necessary help.

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