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Analytical Essay Example: Recycling in University of Kansas

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A brief description of the issue, existing perceptions as to how it occurs, what you expect to learn with respect to the investigation

Recycling in the University of Kansas, started way back in 1989 with the initiative of coming up with an environmental friendly way of disposing waste products from the university. This saw the coming together of students and other members of the university’s community with the aim of forming a Centre for Sustainability in the school. Together, they formed the KU Waste reduction and Recycling program to enhance the efforts of recycling waste products in the university. This program dealt mostly with the disposal of paper waste, plastic bags, and aluminum cans. This paper will focus on the waste disposal efforts in the University of Kansas and what the university is doing, to ensure proper waste disposal techniques among the students and staff members of the University of Kansas.

Details of investigation; who, where and what was observed

In studying the waste disposal techniques used in the university, I focused mostly on students and also staff members in different departments. Most of the students in the university practiced proper waste disposal methods and used the right bins designated for the disposal of selected waste products. In addition, both students and staff members made proper use of the office bins and classroom bins put in the offices and lecture rooms, respectively. There is no doubt that both the students and all staff members in the University were willing to understand the importance of proper waste management, and they adhere to the right practices.

Analysis of the investigation, including speculations as to, why people acted as they did

Most people in the university adhered to the right waste disposal methods because of the availability of waste bins in designated areas of the university. Most people in the university were also aware of the waste disposal efforts and the recycling plans in the school, and they were ready to abide by the waste disposal techniques, to promote sustainability and waste management.

How well-used are campus recycling bins? Do people notice and use them? Is there a difference based on where bins are located?

The recycling bins used in the campus are placed in strategic positions all over the university, and a person cannot miss seeing them. Thus, people notice them whenever they are and use them appropriately whenever they want to dispose waste products (KU Centre for Sustainability). There are three different recycling bins in the selected strategic positions, and they are labeled clearly to show students and other people in the university what to dispose where. There is a recycling bin for the disposal of paper waste, plastic bottles and the last one for aluminum cans.

How easy is it to recycle certain materials on campus? What are the primary materials that people seem to recycle?

The university has approximately 30 recycling units all over the campus, and there are plans of adding more receptacles to improve recycling efforts. This makes the recycling efforts in the university a manageable task, coupled with the participation of students in different groups. The university also plans on increasing the population of staff members contributing in the recycling receptacles, to make the practice an easy affair. The participation and coordination of students in proper waste disposal, and proper use of the different recycling bins has also made it easy for the university to conduct recycling efforts with ease (KU Facilities Operations)…

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