Article Review Sample: Stress and Depression in Students

Article Review Sample_ Stress and Depression in Students

The article presented the issue of stress and depression in students. According to the article, stress and depression are medical diseases and a significant clinical concern, which causes a continual lack of interest and feeling of sorrow and unhappiness. From what we understand from the article, it affects a person’s feeling, behavior and thinking. The article explains that it is a common occurrence amongst students. The article is of the view that usually, students suffering with this illness deny its presence and feel difficulty to perform their daily routine activities.

From what we understand from the article, students might also think that their life is not value living. According to the article, in this state, the human mind is affected badly. Major depressive disorders in students are 15%. From what we understand from the article, the recovery of stress and depression is difficult in students due to other potential health risks (Sawatzky, 2012). The article is of the view that the feeling normally overtakes after some time. From what we understand from the article, students who suffer from depressive disorder; clinical stress and depression feel that this sensation intervenes in their daily life. As per Sawatzky, Ratner, Richardson, Washburn, Sudmant, and Mirwaldt, stress and depression are:

“A mental condition or constant mental disorder featured by feelings of misery, aloneness, hopelessness, low self-esteem and self-approach; associated signs include psychomotor retardation (or less frequently anxiety), extraction from social contact and vegetative conditions such as loss of hunger and insomnia”.

According to the article, there are few fundamental symptoms, which have reported by clinical practitioners and it include, passive mood, reduction in an individual’s potential and decrease level of mental work out (Sawatzky, 2012). The article is of the view that the symptoms of stress and depression are not equally apparent in every individual. From what we understand from the article, they might be experienced by some victims and not by others. The article explains that the severity and duration of symptoms depend on an individual and his or her disease. Few common symptoms are listed below:

  • A continual feeling of sorrow, worry and blankness
  • A common feeling of distrust sets
  • Feeling of despair
  • Feeling fidgety
  • An individual might experience bad temper
  • The Sufferer might be unable to find his or her interest in daily routine activities, hobbies
  • Energy level is low down, exhaustion and tiredness arises
  • Individuals find it difficult to focus, remember and make judgments
  • A person may eat too much or too little.
  • Individuals may think to suicide and some may take action on those thoughts
  • Feeling pains and aches such as, cramps and headaches.
  • An individual may lose interest in sex (Sawatzky, 2012).

The article explains that there is still a doubt in knowing the causes of stress and depression…

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