Book Review Sample: The Changing Face of Inequality

The Changing Face of Inequality: Urbanization, Industrial Development, and Immigrants in Detroit, 1880-1920.

The Changing Face of Inequality is fundamentally an exceptional account of a typical city in America that was undergoing some form of industrialization. It is important to note that the writer dwells on so many things that diversely reflect on the same process, and this is done in the best way possible. Zunz interprets and examines the events that characterized the industrial revolution in Detroit from 1880 to 1920 (Zunz 15). Through this process, the writer makes discoveries on influential class and ethnic attributes that changed the urban scene in the city. The work also dwells on a wider scope of issues that inform the reader about major dimensions and occurrences in 20th century cities. The book tackles the arrival of immigrants from Germany and Poland considering the fact that they probably arrived in the city in the above-mentioned period. Zunz also describes Africans as the latest entrants in the city and the contribution they brought into the various dynamics. Huge and relevant data on demographics and employment are provided, as well as the dynamics that dictated the neighborhood’s sociological and relative factors (Kousser 346). In other words, the writer provides enough information about how the immigrants interacted with their neighbors and the resultant effects. The patterns of land usage changed significantly after the arrival of immigrants from diverse ethnic communities in the 1900s. This resulted in neighborhoods that were totally residential, as well as commercial hubs. The book gives a clear picture of how such events shaped the city in terms of land ownership and other factors that led to notable changes. Zunz asserts that African Americans, for instance, were met with a hostile reception since they arrived last in the city. Housing problems became a major issue for this group, but some form of accommodation was eventually evident. Huge and small industries began to develop around the city and that consequentially accommodated all ethnic communities.

The book is impressive in many areas, and it tackles its intended purpose in the best way. Zunz engages in ultimate, tiresome, effective research in a bid to unearth the qualities and events that led to a shift in inequality. The writing style can be described as both fascinating and complex, but it is generally easy to understand. The writer uses simple language and engages in several dimensions when discussing events. The chronology of occurrences is also discussed properly, and it leads to a historical overview that is valuable. Apparently the conclusions made by Zunz are very different as compared to other writers on the same topic had to offer. The writer also refutes the contributions of other writers as vague and ineffective (Zunz 55). He particularly describes data from the Chicago School of sociologists as unreliable in explaining the history of a vibrant city. The book offers some refinement of historical theories and completely new interpretations, at some points. One fascinating issue about the book is that it also revolves around informed research and surveys that are scientifically appropriate. The survey carefully shows how industrialization affected the city’s social mobility, family structures, housing, and many other things. An analytical account with little inclination towards theoretical approaches is the resultant case here. The book also features graphs and diagrams that are easy to comprehend. In other words, the average intellect can find the book as informative and easy to understand…

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