Business Law Term Paper Topics

Students find term paper writing a boring and challenging task. The most complicated part of the writing process is choosing the best one among good business law term paper topics. Luckily, the business law sphere is full of different topics and ideas. Business topics include the formation of a company, employee and commerce relations, regulations of insurance. Once you narrow down the topic, you find there is a lot of information on it.

Business Law Term Paper Topics on Contract Law

The contract business law sphere can be broken down into different categories, so the writer’s choices are quite varied. It is possible to write about breach of contract and its peculiarities. You can include as a part of your paper the case of Sondra Locke and Warner Brothers.

Business Law Term Paper Topics on Tort Law

Tort law is one more field of business law, including a lot of subcategories, for example:

  • Falls and slips at work.
  • Accidents because of work vehicles.
  • Noisy and polluted working places.
  • The level of care of the workers.

One of the bright example of business tort law is a case of Ford Motor Company and Grimshaw.

Business Law Term Paper Topics on Intellectual Property Law

It is one of the most common law areas nowadays, although it was non-existent several decades ago. Students adore such business law term paper topics, such as trade secrets, trademark infringement and laws on copyrights. There is a famous case of the former Coca-Cola worker, who tried to sell a secret ingredient.

Business Law Term Paper Topics: Examples

  1.  Free speech and computers.
  2. Software piracy.
  3. Internet gambling.
  4. Employment discrimination.
  5. Napster.
  6. Bankruptcy fraud.
  7. Tort reform.

Business Law Term Paper Topics: Help

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