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Business Plan Sample: TQM

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An organization succeeds through the nature of the management. The management may be good or poor. Good managers propel organizations to high prospects. They ensure that the mission and vision is fulfilled. Poor managers affect organizations negatively. They tend to make losses and lead the organizations down the drain. Shurooq being a multi- lineal type of organization requires a high level of managerial expertise. This ranges from skills, professionalism and action. This is because it deals with a lot of tasks which makes it complex to handle.

The Shurooq organization can be improved in various ways through total quality improvement. The ways through which this is possible include:

Customers/clients and employees

These are the driving force behind any organization. Shurooq is an umbrella organization for Al Qasba and other subordinate retail and service companies. Attracting more customers is the key to meeting the goals of the organization. This is done in the following ways:

  • Lowering the prices of the services offered to a reasonable amount.
  • Coming up with the offers and mostly during holidays and festive seasons.
  • Providing quality and pleasant services.
  • The creation of good and attractive advertisements through media or any other source to get more customers.
  • Creation of a website in order to make individuals informed about Al Qasba.
  • The tenants should also be involved in the promotion of entities.

This means that employees need to go for extra training. This is through workshops. This improves their skills and thus provides quality services. Hiring of experts with much knowledge in marketing, external relations, communication and information technology is another important aspect to look at. This ensures proper planning of events and that services are provided well. The manager goes through daily inspections and notes how the employees are coping with their work. The concept of teamwork is a factor to introduce so as to carry out tasks effectively and efficiently.


The policies should go hand in hand with those of the government. Any difference creates problems. The policies must relate to the goals of Shurooq of becoming a business hub and tourist destination in United Arab Emirates. Formulation of policies is based on sectors such as finances, administration and external relations. This is in the following ways…

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