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Business School Essays: Marketing Trends

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What Will Be the Most Important Digital Marketing Trend in 2016?

The 2016 marketers will have to take a much closer look to what they create and interrogate in order to really add value for the audience. Digital marketing platform has become very competitive in the recent years. For the buyers to invest their time and to find certain content valuable, the marketers will have to go an extra mile in digital marketing. The marketers will have to conduct assessments, surveys, polls and interviews in order to know exactly what the buyers want. The online marketing world in 2016 will see many marketers fall and others rise due to their choices in digital marketing.

Using live streaming video platforms will however rule 2016 marketing trend. Companies will have to increase their usage of live streaming like meerkat, periscope and blab. As it has been in the recent past, the live streaming videos will offer personalized customers experience and service. Live streaming has so many advantages over the other channels in marketing. They put a human face to the brand making the customer connect themselves with the brand. The videos can also be re-shared in the social media channels. This makes them reach a far higher number of buyer personas providing them with the context. The video must be very striking for it to be re-shared though (Holt and Sanson).

When not shared by the consumers, the videos can be re-purposed in different media channels and if good enough, in the television networks. This advantage of re-purposing makes the live streaming videos especially cheaper ways of marketing. Unlike the old days when posting videos in the internet one had to post them as links, streaming videos play immediately the file begins to download. You can also jump back or forward through the video file thus making them so hard to resist or ignore (Pathan et al.).

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