Career Essay: Career Development Module


My O*Net assessment relate to my anticipated career area in an extensive manner as the points for the assessment linked well. Although the results in the investigative (11) aspect of the assessment were low, I managed to obtain 31 points in Enterprising, 21 in Conventional, 29 in Social, 20 in Artistic, and 27 in Realistic. These results help greatly to identify my career path; thus, provide a means for career planning.

The Keirsey personality results show that I am a Guardian Inspector. The results relate to my career development path greatly as they show that I am super-dependable, decisive, careful and thorough, and persevering. The results show that the career path may develop to inspectorate roles because of responsibilities, dependability, and consistency.

On the other hand, the value assessment test linked well with the career path. The assessment identified critical and significant values suitable to the anticipated career path i.e. enjoyment, health, family, personal accomplishment, and development. These values are critical in the continuation and accomplishment of countless tasks.

Relating occupations to major

Marketing is my leading career with instances of management. In this regards, my anticipated career must connect significantly with marketing and management to a certain extent. People with strengths in marketing possess numerous skills designed to help them identify clients and understand their preferences. Such people must be critical thinkers i.e. they should think critically as this will help them identify and solve problems. Secondly, they possess monitoring skills, which help them to monitor the market and changing dynamics among people. Thirdly, such people possess planning skills and they always plan work tasks ahead of starting on the tasks. This helps in solving problems critically without continuous failures. People who major in marketing hold skills to analyze and interpret data considerably since the field entails understanding clients’ needs and preferences. In addition, they manage or direct people and programs efficiently to develop solutions and deliver on their commitments. Finally, marketing people sell products and services; thus, they must possess different selling skills, which enable them to sell goods based on their interpersonal skills rather than the brand of the product.

On the other hand, management people require leadership skills for leading and motivating those they lead. Since the field requires managing people, those that manage need to possess interpersonal skills for efficient communication flow. Management requires people who are critical thinkers as this helps them to identify and solve problems effectively. In addition, planning skills help in the field as managing people means that one must strategize on the accomplishment of managerial and organizational performances. Flexibility and teamwork are key for achieving success in this field; hence, people majoring in management must be flexible and team players. Finally, they must coordinate activities effectively without creating enmity among those they lead…

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