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Quiz: How Well Do You Know SpongeBob?


SpongeBob turns 19 in a few days. Such a big boy, right? The tv show started on the 1st of May, 1999, and since then became a real cult! It’s sarcastic, funny, and relatable on so many levels.
Due to this special event we prepared a quiz to сheck your knowledge about SpongeBob and co. It’s not gonna be easy! So, take a deep breath, buckle up, and accept the challenge! Ready, set, go!
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TOP 9 One-Hour Ideas for a College Halloween Party

Have you prepared for your Halloween party? Turn on your imagination and use several ideas that will help you quickly organize a spooooooky party!

1. Jack-O’-Lanterns From Oranges or Mandarins

This is the laziest version of Halloween preparation. All you need are mandarins and a black marker. Draw funny faces on mandarins or oranges – the pattern can be the same, and you can make each jack-o’-lantern with its own, original face. You can connect children to the process – they will not mind to participate in the creative process. Continue reading

Shark Week Quiz

Discovery SharkWeek is in full swing, and it’s all we can think about these days. Apparently, this is the best time to learn something interesting about our namesakes. With the compassionate help of our expert mascot, Sir Toothington, we picked some spicy facts about these fabulous sea creatures and made the Shark Quiz.

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EssayShark Christmas Contest Results

When you feel the smell of cinnamon, hear slightly thick voice of Louis Armstrong, and see the snow sparkling brightly in lights, you know that your dreams and hopes will come true soon. It’s Christmas coming. We, on EssayShark, wish all our dearest clients and writers to be with people you love at this Christmas, to enjoy touching moments like getting a small card from your little brother or tasting a cookie baked by your granny, and to feel real happiness!

EssayShark Christmas Contest

Several weeks ago we have organized the contest among our writers. They were asked to complete a story or a poem about EssayShark. Now, it’s time to announce the results! Here are the best works of our writers. Continue reading

How to Bounce Back after Holidays

Happy New Year!

I suppose you had a good time celebrating the New Year, and acquired some new, good memories. The only thing that possibly discourages you is that the holidays are already over, and your usual daily routine is right about to begin all over again.


It’s natural. In fact, about 80 percent of employees experience a slight form of depression when they have to return to work after holidays. There is even a formula that allows us to calculate the rate of post-holiday frustration. Seriously! Here it is: Continue reading