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Many students are wondering what an essay is and how to write it really well, in accordance with all the teacher’s requirements and general writing standards. Writing academic papers is probably one of the most difficult tasks in the studying process. It is hard to write essays, reviews, reports,etc., as they require a lot of thinking, research, writing and editing. With regard to essays, they are weighted heavily in the students’ grades and greatly influence their success. You have the following two options:

1. To write the essay yourself.
2. To apply for help to cheap essay writing service.

Let’s look at them in detail.

Not Applying to Cheap Essay Writing Service

If you are not going to ask “write my paper for cheap” honorable custom writing services, to write really good essay you should follow several tips.

  • Begin writing your academic paper early and manage your time correctly. Of course, you know this statement and have heard it a lot of times. Just try to follow it and you will avoid dozens of unforeseen problems. The sooner you start working, the better your piece of writing will be.
  • Understand the assignment clearly, especially having a paper topic. You should analyze it step by step and point out some keywords to use in your paper.
  • Organize your research in a proper way. Look through the available and relevant sources, choose the most suitable for you and try to organize them in some sequence. You are advised to do the same with your thoughts and ideas. Start with highlighting the main points and try to keep the information in a cohesive way.
  • Learn by the example. In case you are still not going to apply for “write my paper for cheap” to cheap essay writing service, you can look for free essay samples there to have a clear understanding of how your paper should look. You can find some academic papers with similar topics to get some fresh ideas.
  • Always avoid plagiarism. All citations and quotes should be mentioned in your essay in a proper way. Do not steal and copy the ideas of other people, as you will be definitely accused of cheating. Do not forget about plagiarism check programs which detect stolen ideas in several minutes.
  • Write several drafts of your paper. Focus on presenting your essay ideas, without paying too much attention to introduction and conclusions (write them in the end). After writing the first draft, you may rearrange the structure. Don’t forget to use the proper format.
  • Think in a different way. After writing your introduction and conclusions, spend some time thinking about your topic once again, taking your audience into consideration.

Applying to Cheap Essay Writing Service

You have a clear understanding how to write an essay, but still have doubts about your writing skills – than let’s talk about our second option – applying for “write my paper for cheap” to cheap essay writing service. Choose EssayShark.com to place your order. Our site is one of the cheapest services on the market. No matter whether you need a 5-paragraph essay or a 100-page dissertation we are always there for you. The quality is a matter of primary concern to us, so there is nothing to worry about. Just place an order on our site, asking “write my paper for cheap” and you will be delivered plagiarism-free paper within the specified deadline.

Still don’t believe it is possible to buy cheap essays of good quality? We completely understand the financial situation of college and university students, so we do not ask you to pay a fortune. At the same time we really care about our reputation as a reliable and professional custom writing company, so we can’t allow our orders to be low quality! Look through our sample and make sure yourself:

Small Business: Causes of Bankruptcy

For many people being financially independent and owning a small business is an American dream. Entrepreneurs see many advantages in having a small business. Ideally, there is no boss to answer to since the owner is responsible for all failures and successes, and their hard work doesn’t benefit someone else. Small businesses can provide the economy with innovations, job growth, and competition. There are undeniable benefits for both the economy and the owners of small businesses and entrepreneurships.

In the USA, many hopeful entrepreneurs begin new businesses every business day, while many others close their business’s doors. The chances of a small business failing are really quite high. Bankruptcy is a process in the US that allows businesses to satisfy their debts with their creditors. The bankruptcy process may either be initialized by the debtor, or through actions taken by creditors.

Small business can be described as a key indicator as to the nation’s economy health. What are the major causes of business failures that end in bankruptcy? The causes can be classified into three major categories of marketing, financial, and management. Lack of understanding, effort, or knowledge can lead to failure in any of these three categories.

Some entrepreneurs do not realize the costs of owning a small business. They have misconceptions about the amount of money that will be generated by the business. In addition, they underestimate the percentage of reinvestment that will be required to continue the business. Another misconception is the amount of effort and time that must be put into the business. If an entrepreneur starts a new business with hopes of free time, he doesn’t understand that small business owners should work more than 60 hours a week.

Personal issues

About one out of every six business bankruptcies are caused by personal problems of the business owner (Sullivan 1998). The most common issues are illness and divorce.

Under capitalization

When starting a new business, there are always unforeseen problems. The lack of startup capital can cause a shortcoming before the business can become profitable. Some entrepreneurs don’t know where to ask for a loan; in fact, financing is the most widespread reason for small business failures. Credit unions, banks, private investors, or the US Small Business Administration can all provide funding to start a business; however, entrepreneurs often underestimate the amount of money and time necessary to make their business profitable. It is more difficult to raise capital the second time after the company didn’t meet projections.

Natural disaster

Natural disasters can play a role in small business failures. Disaster can be identified as anything occurring naturally in the environment, including death. Other types of natural disasters include irreparable damage to a critical facility, destruction of key equipment, fire, or the death of a key employee. Logistical changes as the building of new bypasses can also be considered a natural disaster (Sullivan 1998).

Poor cash flow

A lack of cash flow is often the biggest failure. It could cause a business to fall behind on rent, insurance, wage payments. It also could inhibit the company’s ability to reinvest for future profits. When company borrows money to pay the debts, it can be a sign of disaster. Statistics shows that companies that don’t achieve a state of profitability within eighteen months are at a greater risk for bankruptcy (Hale 2004).

Poor location

The selection of location can also determine success or failure. Marketing projections such as foot and vehicular traffic, population density, and the number of local competitors should all be taken into account when selecting a business location. It would stand to reason that the failure of a business due to location is related to a lack of marketing research.

Loss of key person

Many small businesses rely on one or a few individuals. This can be an owner, salesman, partner, technical expert, foreman or other key person. Their impact is so great that the loss of this key person can lead to bankruptcy. The most obvious cause of the loss of a key person is illness or death. Other causes are disputes among individuals or the inability of the company to provide competitive compensation. Small businesses may protect themselves against the loss of a key person with key man insurance. It offers the company a sum of money should the key person be lost. The idea is to give the company resources to reorganize for survival (Corder 1981).

Lack of technology

Technology has always played an important role in providing services and products. Business owners have to offer consumers the most recent technologies; because with good technology, small businesses become competitive…

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