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The video gaming industry is continuing to grow. Universities and colleges continue to offer computer science programs with a specialty in video game development. We prepared a list of online and offline game programming courses where you can learn how to create video games from scratch.

Full Sail University

At Full Sail University, you can get a bachelor degree in game design online. There are four fields to focus on: design theory, practical design, design integration, and storytelling. This is a 32-month program that involves studying the history of gaming, digital literacy, analysis of design and development, and two final projects.

In the ending projects, students have to develop a working game. Students also have a qualification examination on topics like video games design and prototyping, game balancing, and social interactions.

University of Texas, Austin

The university of Texas offers an award-winning program in computer science and a graduate program in video games and digital media. According to Global Gaming, it is considered as one of the best school for video game geeks. This program is jointly developed by fine arts, computers science, and radio-television-film departments. Moreover, the university permanently stays in top ten list of the best computer science and radio-television-film departments. Over and above, the department of fine arts has won an award.

Sanford Brown College

This college is aimed at giving hands-on experience in the form of bachelor degree in game production. Sanford Brown’s College offers courses in techniques of drawing, digital reflection, and the process a game’s production are taught by professors with experience in game industry. So, you can feel certain you will get a comprehensive knowledge that prepares you for a future career in the video games industry. You can finish the program in 37.5 months on a full-time basis, and the whole degree will cost you nearly $65,000.

Rochester Institute of Technology

The widely known Rochester Institute of Technology proposes master and bachelor degrees in design and game programming courses. The courses offer students to discover the landscape of digital entertainment technology and related fields of study. This major originates from information and computing sciences. All in all, the students master the fundamentals of the game development process through a close involvement in disciplines like animation, game design, and the process of design.

The Art Institute Online

This institute offers an online bachelor degree in Game Art and Design, where students learn how to create gameplay and backgrounds, make different characters and environments, and test game products. Students learn about different design techniques for animation, multiple approaches to production protocols, and attend a practice course in video game production pipeline. By the end of the course, students create their own portfolio and develop their own video game project they can use to start their career.

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