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As the world evolves every day, the way people use drugs seems to change with time. Back in the olden days, there were strict measures that were put in place in order to deal with matters relating to the use of drugs. This explains why cases relating to drug abuse were very minimal during those old times. The situation has greatly changed in modern times. Drugs are currently being misused without any ideal reason. This is the main reason why drug abuse cases are on the rise in the current times.

From a medical point of view, drugs ought to be used under the guidance of a qualified practitioner. This means that a medical examination must be carried on all patients in order to determine the right medication for them. This is essential in eliminating all cases that are closely related to poor medical prescription. To the dismay of medical personnel and other concerned parties, people are now ignoring medical prescriptions. They are taking medical matters on their own hands thus posing great dangers to themselves. This clearly explains that self medical prescription is a dangerous act that many people are undertaking careless. Self prescription is the fundamental step into the menace of drug abuse.

In relation to the article, the use of neuroenhancers is rising at an alarming rate. The use in this context is actually outside medical prescription. This situation displays a demeaning and shameful situation in relation to drug use. Neuroenhancers are specifically made for certain medical purposes. Before patients can be able to obtain these drugs, they ought to have a valid prescription from a qualified medical practitioner. This process is put in place in order to eliminate all forms of drug abuse. The shocking revelation is that everyday people are obtaining neuroenhancers without any prescription. This shows that people are ignorant, and they do not care about the dangers that come with using medication drugs carelessly. In accordance with the way the article discusses this issue, it is quite clear that people have completely ignored drug prescriptions. This eventually leads them to the vicious trap of drug abuse.

As the article argues in its content, the illegal use of neuroenhancers is very common among university and college students. These are intellectual people who know the effects of drug abuse vividly. Despite of the intellectual knowledge these parties have, they go on and engage themselves in the illegal use of neuroenhancers. Many students are made to believe that neuroenhancers will definitely improve their mental functionality. This process of enhancing mental capability is essential in their academic work. In the real sense, neuroenhacers do not improve the mental functionality of a person. I think that all students in America and all other places in the world need to embrace change…

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