Ethics Paper Samples: Memo and Press Release

Ethics Paper Samples


IIiff Preschool Kindergarten and School-Age Summer Camp,
4140 E Iliff Ave, Denver,
CO 80222,
United States,
Phone: +1 303-757-3551,
23 March 2013.

To: internal employees

From: Janna Wong Healy

Subject: Discharged for off duty behavior

Business and work ethics are paramount in our kindergarten as they provide us, with the ability to avoid legal and ethical problems, which usually arise because of inappropriate employee conduct. It is paramount that ethical conduct and behavior should guide early childhood professionals at all times in their duties and interactions within the institutional setting. Decision-making in kindergartens is primarily driven by various factors such as the family values, cultural background, language, the society and school based and program policies. Furthermore, it is also necessary to ensure that, within decision-making processes, parents are involved given that the choices have a significant impact on the life of a child in both classroom and non-classroom settings.

At IIiff Preschool, Kindergarten and School-Age Summer Camp located on 4140 E Iliff Avenue in Denver we have been under scrutiny from authorities as well as the society and various stakeholders after some issues became known to the management of the entity. This report would provide a means for solving the issues aforementioned. Miss Kathleen reported that the school policies were inappropriate given that the child to instructor ratio was unsustainable, a demerit to the instructors and children in terms of service quality delivered. She went further on to provide that there was a need for the definition of a better means of punishment of children because of indiscipline.

Additionally she aggravated the matter by writing to a local newspaper and online social media platform with the aim of revealing the issues to the public. This has infuriated some of the stakeholders, primarily the parents and resulted in frantic efforts by the management to contain the matter. She was relieved of her duties given that it was considered as inappropriate for an employee to communicate such issues in public. She has appealed the decision claiming that her First Amendment rights have been violated against by the management.

Some issues have arisen as to the child to teacher ratio, which was later reported to the administration. The teacher who made the claims was later relinquished off his duties, given that the institution had not adhered to the state licensing standards for the child to adult ratio. Some of the issues included the use of corporal punishment, which was in conflict with the administration’s professional beliefs as a means for developing positive behavior in students. Solving problems in student or child instruction might be problematic in that some means of solving problems with children such as student indiscipline might be inappropriate.

Some problems could be solved using reversal techniques of what might have been unacceptable trends of practice such as corporal punishment and child to adult ratio for effective student instruction. Some problems in student instruction as identified above usually deal with issues such as training and professional competencies, education and communication between parties.

Essentially, the two parties, the administrator and instructor, might be in a dilemma in that both have considerations that their views and actions are appropriate and in the bets interests of the child or student.

Thus, it is paramount to ensure that none of the parties feels isolated and neglected in the deliberation of an ethical decision. The core values of an institution should be focused on in making a sound professional and business decision as to the appropriate course of action in child indiscipline and standardization of polices in an institution. This brings about the question as to what amounts to ethical practice in the operation of a kindergarten or preschool. This could be explained from a business perspective, as the institutions may exist as private companies driven by the need to accrue profits through the provision of educational services to a specific target market.

Ethics is paramount in all professions given that professional conduct is usually weighed by the society. Hence, the conduct within kindergartens by educational and administrative professionals is mainly driven by the accepted code of conduct in such a profession. Ethics is considered as a moral philosophy that addresses issues such as virtues and vices, right and wrong justice and crime. Business ethics can be evaluated from numerous perspectives such as responsibility, honesty and integrity of professionals in the execution of their duties and responsibilities. While additional compensation is not an option at this time, I do recognize and appreciate your efforts and dedication to your jobs. I look forward to working with each one of you in the coming year. We intend to ensure that equality for all employees prevails by deliberation with all stakeholders in the institution, which is inclusive of the employees.


IIiff Preschool Kindergarten and School-Age Summer Camp
4140 E Iliff Ave, Denver,
CO 80222,
United States,
Phone: +1 303-757-3551


Contact: Janna Wong Healy


An employee was dismissed from her position of employment after she sought to criticize the policies set up by management towards ensuring equity in the student or child to instructor ratio. Additionally, this included claims as to the inadequacy of measures to punish the children for indiscipline and ensuring accrual of positive behavior. It is evident that ethical conduct in the institution should begin at the top, which is from the management to the lowest levels of employees in the organization. The claims of unethical practices could have been driven by the presence of inadequate guidance and control on its employees.

This brings about questions as to the role of management in ensuring ethical conduct of the employees. It might also be an illustration of the presence of an unwarranted level of employee autonomy in the organization towards dealing with a child as well as criticism on the management of the organization. Difference in terms of ethical standards may occur because of cultural differences.

The code of ethics established for children includes a daily guide of how we interact with the children. This should be used as a means of making decisions and set polices for running or operating the institution. It should be a guideline to follow through administrative tasks in the institution, as a well as a means of interacting with the children and the stakeholders of the institution. Ethic conduct ensures that all parties are satisfied with a given level of conduct. In essence, the code of conduct that provides guidance aims at enhancing the responsibility of supporting children and without harm to reach their goals despite the presence of numerous challenges.

Society understands that the wrongs of an entity are termed as the responsibility of the management and in this case the administration of the institution. Hence, management or the administration of the institution is tasked with ensuring that there is equal distribution of the entity. The standard policies usually set out by the state authority towards effective management of the institution include a focus on the number of instructional days and hours on a daily and weekly basis for children. The deliberation of school hours in the continuity of the children’s schedules is inclusive of the consideration of the hours that can be spent in a full day pre-kindergartens and in first grade. Other policies set out by the state usually define the average working hours for the instructor to ensure that there is the presence of equity amongst all parties inclusive of the administrators of the institution…

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