Creative Writing Sample: Design Business Practice

 creative writing sampleThe design industry is multifaceted with numerous job opportunities for persons with various qualifications. Several considerations are required for the highly competitive market before employment, other than qualification in respective majors. The next step in my life will be getting employment within the Australian job market where many opportunities exist. The total percentage of the population of graphic designers employed has been on a steady increase from 2001 as represented in fig. 1 where the employment rate being slightly higher than sixty percent of all individuals with the necessary qualifications.
The job market is quite specific about the central role played by exemplary design skills, but also considers the business and marketing aspects. The success of any designer is pegged on their ability to promote and sell their products and services. This necessitates the in-depth knowledge of operating a business, marketing strategies as well as proper communication skills.

Communication is vital in passing messages to current and potential clients of any artwork. I would like to pursue the numerous job opportunities that in graphic design with the above-mentioned skills as my starting point. I would like to venture into the graphic and web design sector where there are high expectations placed upon my abilities to prove my creative prowess. The reason I prefer this field is that it resonates well with my passion and gives me the opportunity to express my daily experiences. The application of life occurrences is vital in representing the actual scenario in the form of a spectacular design. I intend to get into the job market by positively reaching out to the various design company through my impressive portfolio of all the activities I have participated in while undertaking my undergraduate degree.

Learning experiences from the second assignment come in handy when categorizing design companies as they fall into two broad categories with one giving services while the other designs styles for sale. The two broad categories are important in a designer’s career as they give a person the opportunity to input their skills. The design-service offering companies ensure that they meet customers’ requirements. The clients range from corporate to individual businesses that seek designing services for their marketing efforts. Conversely, some design companies are involved in the marketing processes of their clients and help in establishing different designs for a specific marketing campaign. These types of companies provide their clients with a variety of designs too choose from and do not depend on their clients specifications.

The companies I intend to work for are highly competitive and offer good opportunities for growth as a graphic designer before I venture into my own private practice. I look forward to presenting my academic qualifications to eight companies that include Romanin Design, Fresco Creative, Monk Media, Eleven Eleven Design, Toolbox, Hubmedia, and Blackbox Design. However, this does not limit my job search to the named companies. The eight companies will form the basis of my job search after which I will make further considerations on other options that can be explored. The eight companies deal with graphic design, as well as presenting different challenges about my major in visualization. This will give me the opportunity to use my expertise in different aspects, as well as sharpen and broaden my knowledge in the field. The eight companies demand several skills.

The above eight companies can be segmented into the two broad categories of design companies that include the service and for-sale design companies. Five companies that include Fresco Creative, Toolbox, Hubmedia, Eleven Eleven Design, and Monk Media offer design services to their clients. The other three companies that are Blunt Agency, Romanin Design, and Blackbox Design offer sales services to their clients that go beyond designing of advertisement materials. The choice of these companies is based on their versatility and leading position in the Australian design market. The companies specialize in outdoor advertisements and branding for corporates and have an expansive room for career advancement. As an individual seeking to work for one of the listed companies, I believe my input will be invaluable towards the development of design work with a cutting edge. I seek to add value through my painting capabilities, great artistic senses in coloring, fusing different cultural perspectives to bring a new sense of design, and my ability to make use of the latest technological equipments. All perspectives that I have acquired through my academic achievement and personal interest will be complemented by the extensive experience that the companies have to offer.

The working environment will eliminate some of my weaknesses such as lack of practical experience in the field having had no prior working experience. It will also assist in improving my social skills as I interact with my peers as well as different customers. Social introversion is one of my major weaknesses and I hope to overcome this factor as graphic design calls for good relations with people.

The skills are common for all the companies; thus, there is great need to ensure that I fit into the job specifications of a graphic designer. The first requirement for employment is to be well versed in English for fluent and effective communication. The necessity for fluency in communication is informed by the interaction with different clients whose demands are unique and varied. It is important to speak fluently in English as it is the official language in Australia; hence, the channel for transacting business in the country. The major aspects to be focused on are creating and maintaining supply chains as well as attracting and keeping clients. Clients are the backbone of any business organization and a lot of emphasis is placed on their attraction as well as maintenance. The key to wooing and maintaining clients is through positive customer relations.

Dealing with many clients whose interests and temperaments differ significantly comes with multiple challenges. I expect to find these challenges in my future work, but every challenge will be handled differently and positively. The first thing I will observe is positivity in the midst of any challenge because this will help in ensuring that I do not overreact when handling over demanding clients. The first aspect to be emphasized on is that customers are always right even when I might have a differing opinion. This notion will ensure that I treat my clients, as well as prospective customers with utmost importance. Communicating of any differing opinion on my side should be done diplomatically and without finality. The use of proper communication methods will ensure that customers enjoy working with me as a designer and for the company that will employ me to offer my services…

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