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Critical Essay: Health Care System Changes

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The health care system of the USA faces essential challenges that point to the urgent need for reforms. Health care remains the world’s more expensive in America, spending more money per capita on health care than other countries. The costs of health care for business are escalating quickly, quicker than profits from increased productivity and inflation. The public sector faces the same problem of increasing health care expenditures, being the second fastest growing component of a federal budget.

The growing costs create fiscal pressures on the federal governments that limit their ability to satisfy other needs, including a decrease in the budget deficits (Wolfe).

Speaking about a number of reasons to change the health care system, it should be focusing on primary care. Primary care is underutilized, countries that emphasize on primary care have better health at lower costs. The rate of the US primary care is low compared to other developed countries; patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc.) often don’t receive effective treatments that help them effectively manage their conditions. The number of primary care providers differs from the number that is needed to deliver the primary care to all patients. The lack of communication support is declared by the low payment of health care providers and also other tools they need to work together and communicate to improve patient care (NICE).

The next major problem of the health care system is an increasing number of uninsured persons. This problem is growing because of enterprises cutting back on private coverage, high level of unemployment; the rate of being uninsured in families with incomes below the poverty line is higher. Reforming the US healthcare system must involve improving the quality, decreasing of escalating costs and a huge number of Americans without insurance.

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