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Critical Thinking Essay: The IMDb Rating

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Should the IMDb Rating Be Used as a Criterion to Decide Whether or Not to Watch a Movie?

I know that this service was created to simplify our life by providing the list of the best movies and opportunity to share reviews and ratings, but nothing in this world is perfect, so my answer is “No.” You should not use the IMDb ratings to decide whether or not to watch a movie! I will try to explain why I don’t trust any kind of movie services.

Just imagine that you are buying an ice-cream and that you will ask everybody around which one you should take. That is how IMDb works, you just trust blindly in other people’s opinions. We are all different and we like different things, you cannot just agree all the time with the other people, you should have your own opinion, based on your preferences.

Of course, sometimes the majority is right and you will enjoy a great movie. Nevertheless, imagine how many worthy movies you will never see just because they have bad ratings. Moreover, even if you have watched some movie and you liked it, there is always opportunity that you will never see the sequel, because the company received too many bad reviews. It happened to John Carter movie, which was released in 2012 and barely earned enough money to cover the budget.

But the most disappointing part is when you have read all the positive reviews about a certain movie, and you anticipate to see something incredible, but when you start watching it you just keep asking yourself: is this what they call a great movie?! That is why it is better not to trust blindly in ratings on IMDb, but make your own decisions, based on reading descriptions and watching trailers.

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