Critical Thinking Examples: Family Assessment / Treatment Place

Treatment Service Plan for the Jimenez Family

Goals, objectives and tasks

The objective of this treatment/service plan is to come up with a solution for the Jimenez brothers. The brothers are sexually active and are involved in unacceptable sexual activities at a young age. This might affect their future lives. The goals of this treatment plan are to make sure that by the end of the treatment plan the boys are well behaved, Louise does not kill frogs in the pond, and that all the family members behave appropriately in the house. The tasks involve talking to the parents, then letting the adults in the family know of the intended treatment plan, talking to the boys, and finally, having the entire family together for a final talk.

The children are predisposed to the risk of being sex addicts. This might make them acquire sexually transmitted disease at a young age. The treatment plan will involve the children going through counseling sessions at the Ruth H. Young Center for families and children. This research has shown that families involved in child treatment plan gains more knowledge and become less stressed. The children, on the other hand, have a positive change in their behavior and become more social (Family Connections, 2006).

Dubowitz (2009) shows that neglected children become traumatized and acquire behavioral characteristics that put their lives at risk. These children thus need treatment that ensures their safety. They will therefore attend this treatment plan thrice a week with their parents. The rest of the other adults will be involved in the service twice every week.

Child resilience and major issue

The major issue for this treatment plan is child neglect, which has lead to unwanted sexual activities among the children. The adults have neglected the children; they do not care how their actions affect the life and behavior of the children (Child Help, 2013). For example, they see their uncle have sex with a woman on the couch most of the time. They then started practicing it as they perceived it to be something unique. They also wanted to experience the feeling. Child neglect is, therefore, a major factor affecting the family.

Treatment/Service and Justification

The modality of the treatment will follow the procedures for Ruth H. Young Center for families and children. This agency provides children with an individualized based care letting their parents join them. They are aided in behavioral adjustment and taught not to emulate bad things. The parents and the adults are as well sensitizes about the sensitivity of children, and, as such, they should be careful with how they behave around them (NCTSN, 2013). The article shows that the agency first attends to children and families separately in a therapy meant for family and the other meant for children. They then bring them together for one common therapy session. The article shows that Ruth H. Young Center for families and children has the expertise of reducing child neglect in parents. The agency also enables families and children to unite and have a strong bond after the therapies. The children become able to talk to parents and can get solutions to their problems.
This treatment aims at strengthening the problem by first making the children open up and talk freely. The caregiver should make the kids know that it is alright to make mistakes, but such mistakes must never be repeated (Bolger et al., 1998). He or she should aim at boosting the children’s self-esteem and urge them to strive to change the unwanted behavior. The father should be advised not be so harsh on the offspring in order to create close relations between them. This aims at improving future relations between the parents and the children.

Nurturing and Attachment

Parental resilience

The parents and other adults will go through a treatment plan to enable them improve on their relationship with the children. Parental re-union is considered an important factor in helping improve children behaviors. According to Child Welfare Information Gateway (2013), there is an achievement of major positive results when families are involved in treatment plan. Family members become more loving toward the children, who, on the other hand, become more receptive and open. This means that they can open up and share their frustrations and problems with their family members…

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