Critical Thinking Sample: Persuasive Techniques in Media

Over years people have tried to have the other people either from same or different community’s attention. This has led to methods of attracting them to accomplish their dreams (answers). The use systematic ways so as to achieve the goals of individual or communities is widely known as techniques (dictionary). The method used to communicate ideas from one community to another or through individual came to be widely known as the media (dictionary).The paper discusses the effects of media literacy in Kenya and the United States, the exisisting similarities and differencies.

Media Literacy

People have According to (unesco) , the understanding of writing and learning process is widely known as literacy . Wells argued that language never develops unlesss it is learnt from others which meant one has to be taught a foreign language in oder to understand (Harste). Media is the most widely used method to enlighten people about new ideas.

Media Literacy in both Kenya and United States

In kenya a media council was held in Nakuru dated 29th June 2012 to discuss the media coverage and emmerging issues in riftvally . 200 participants attended the forum from different organisations such as Kenya National Rights on Human Commission (KNHCR) , the Standard,Nation media among others . The forum addressed the coverage of media in Nation building (kenya). The most common discussion covered was the print media such the news papers for example the the Nation Media.

Kenya was not left behind as the information communication technology continues to develop in the world (I.C.T). The development has faced many challenges such as lack of or having very little method about I.C.T(Iformation Communitcation technology) (Andrade). The Kenyan government has come up with ways of improving the use ose of information communication technology through National ICT master plan 2017 ( . Kenya hopes to be the leading country in Africa by 2017 . Actions have been taken towards establishment of konza Techno city a city where ICT is the main business (16) . The city will gear the governmentplans and increase information security through computer software ( programs ) development that will ease the operations (17).

United states has not been left behind in the media literacy campaign thus the country wants to create a media literacy campaign through fixing of radioor televisions in their family cars (Goswami). Children learn much thing such as talking and violence through watching the televisions (Thoman) . Advertisement and marketing is made on televisons for item new item brands so as to have many consumers. (

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