Economic Term Paper Topics

Writing your economics term paper is probably the most boring part of the whole course. Very often students face difficulties choosing suitable economic term paper topics. They can be too vague, such as writing something about auto industry or having no relation to economics. The second problem arises when you start looking for information on a subject you are completely unfamiliar with. To make your life easier, we’ve prepared a list of recommended economic term paper topics and give writing advice.

Economic Term Paper Topics: Gambling


Research and try to explain the effect of gambling on economies of the States. Try to discuss the amount of money state lotteries bring in. Research the impact of casinos on the economy of the countries who allow casinos in comparison with State economies that prohibit them.

Economic Term Paper Topics: Healthcare Economics


Explore the economics, which is involved in healthcare. Discuss the help of modern government regulations in sphere of medical development and research. Try to explain how insurance companies can influence and benefit healthcare economics.

Economic Term Paper Topics: Effect of Immigration


Discuss the influence of immigration on the economy. Compare the economic opportunities of the immigrant’s country with the U.S. economic opportunities. Describe the influence of immigration on a nation’s economy in the process of history.

Economic Term Paper Topics: Domestic Poverty


Try to research the problem of domestic poverty and the possible solutions to this problem. Make a comparison of domestic and international poverty.

Economic Term Paper Topics: Death Penalty Economics


Capital punishment is a really good topic for an economics paper, as it explores its economic implications. The writer can research the cost of executing procedure and compare it with the cost of keeping the convict imprisoned for life.

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