Effective Comparative Essay Writing Guide

A comparative essay is a type of academic writing where you compare two or more items.


Most likely, you will be asked to compare:

  • Opinions on a certain issue.
  • Different theories.
  • Events.
  • Texts.
  • Figures.

If you want to write a good comparative analysis essay, you should start from selecting a subject that interests you the most.

Analyze the Topic

Start your research and find out if you have a full understanding of both of the things that is being compared. In your introduction, describe a general view which sets the similar things between two subjects, then move to more specific details of the essay. To sum up, state your preference or discuss the importance of the two subjects.

Organize the Body of the Essay

Define the structure of your comparative analysis essay. It can be one of the mentioned structures below, but not all of them. Firstly, you can describe each element of а comparison through individual, respective paragraphs that focus on one element each. Secondly, you can interchange the two comparative elements, paragraph after paragraph. Thirdly, you can discuss one side of the issue within as many body paragraphs as you can. When you finish it, you can switch and discuss the other point of the issue.

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