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Essay Examples for College: Do Secret Service Agents Get Bored?

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No, they don’t. How could they? As we have seen in movies and soap operas, being a secret service agent, keeping people safe, is not just a job where you have a work place to attend form 9 to 17, it’s more than that, it’s a life style, an addiction and it changes someone’s life forever. According to Readers Digest online they are more than bodyguards (Shea, n.d).

Secret service agents keep us safe, they are the ones who make sure every day that we, the “normal people” have a safe environment to live in and don’t ever need to worry about national security problems, they keep our society stable and make it a place where we can grow and educate our children. They are the ones who fight the battles that we don’t see on the news, they are the ones who risk their lives to save ours, they could never get bored doing that. We should thank them for being up to dying for us at every moment and ask ourselves if we could ever be that strong and altruistic to do that for other people.

Even if they have to keep their identities secret and never reveal to anyone what they do, and this must be a bit frustrating I think, they have really interesting lives because they are surrounded by priceless people everyday, like the case of Mr. Floyd M. Boring who had the honour of knowing and protecting 5 American Presidents (Goldstein, 2008). Just imagine the things he had the opportunity to learn and the experiences we must have lived, can you?

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