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Essay on Nature: Typhoon Haiyan

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The typhoon represents a tropical cyclone which often develops mainly in the Western regions of the Pacific Ocean near the coordinates 180° and 100°E. This region is also known as the Northwest Pacific basin given its location in the Pacific region. While “typhoon” is the name that is given to the mature regions within the Pacific areas of a tropical cyclone, a hurricane is regional terminology that is commonly used within the Northern Atlantic and Northeastern Pacific (Bradford and Robert 54). It is characterized by cyclonic storms and tropical cyclones.

Tropical cyclogenesis has six main features that are essential in defining the region. These include relatively warmer sea surface temperatures, high humidity ranging from high to middle to low during certain periods of the year, atmospheric instability, Coriolis forces that develop because of low pressure and atmospheric powers, pre-existing relatively lower degrees of disturbance, and focus instability (General Books 90). The region also has unique features that cover from the formation of vertical and horizontal wind shears. Although these conditions are sufficient for the formations of the tropical cyclones, it is not a guarantee that even with these conditions the cyclone is likely to form under normal circumstances (Bradford and Robert 77). Therefore, the formation of tropical cyclones creates important environmental conditions that are valued given their socio-economic conditions.

It is a common practice that typhoons are normally named after personalities and people within the community. Animals, astrological signs, flowers, and names of places are often used to identify these typhoons. Although the naming of typhoons is left for the Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC), these names given to the typhoons are first coordinated and discussed by the 18 member states that constitute the territories that are threatened by these typhoons (Bradford and Robert 109). The coordinated typhoon naming exercise is conducted once a year. In the Philippines, there is a unique method for naming their typhoons, with the most popular method being Haiyan, representing a Chinese sea bird, with the local name being petrel. The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) therefore retains its original naming that does constitute human names and characters (General Books 78-79)…

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