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Essay on Parents: Testing to Become Parents

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Should People Undergo Testing to Become Parents?

Raising a child is an extremely challenging and responsible task which requires love and commitment for the well-being of the baby. Nevertheless, becoming a parent may often be an unplanned, unexpected, or even unwanted case for some individuals. Being too young or inexperienced can often be the reason for a lack of essential parenting skills, and can result in disastrous consequences. Therefore, having a test to become a parent might be a relevant option to ensure that parents take appropriate care of their children and possess sufficient knowledge of the primary parenting practices.

There are numerous stories about the mistreatment of children by parents, especially young individuals. For instance, the case has been reported in Chicago, where a woman shook her two-month-old child to death, trying to make her sleep (Chatz). The woman had been put in jail, despite the fact that her actions were not intentional. However, such a punishment does not resolve the main problem: the lack of essential knowledge in parents on how to behave and treat their children once they are born. When such an ignorant action as shaking a child leads to tragic consequences, there is clearly a need to teach parents how to do this and many other parenting practices appropriately.

The idea of testing parents is of vital importance for decreasing the chances of the occurrence of situations as described. Parents-to-be should be required to complete parenting classes in order to be ready for a new stage in their lives. There are numerous reasons that prove the value of parenting classes for future parents. First, the classes will provide the basics of parenting, helping individuals to know what to expect from parenting (Mead). It can also be valuable to attend the courses in order to get acquainted with the latest findings on parenting and avoid mistakes when taking care of a child. Another reason is to learn to engage with a child. Research has found that parental involvement is a predominant factor in the academic achievement of a student (Mead). Learning to engage with a child in a proper manner can help parents not only build strong relationships with their child, but also improve the child’s healthy development.

Another important reason to attend parenting classes is to learn how to align the parenting practice to a child’s personality. The importance of this lies in the child’s ability to adjust to the environment, which depends on how well a parenting style aligns to the needs of a child (Meads). By gaining this kind of knowledge, parents will be more confident in their mission of fostering a child. The lack of the basic understanding of how parenting should work will bring higher chances of situations damaging to the child’s physical and mental health. Therefore, the policy of undergoing a test that would prove parents’ skills of raising a child has numerous reasons to be adopted.

Finally, testing individuals to become parents is a valuable prospect that can improve individuals’ abilities to take care of their children. A great responsibility that comes with raising a child creates the need for knowledge and understanding of the primary parenting practices. To pass the test, individuals may be advised to take parenting classes which would help them gain confidence in their decision to become parents.

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