Essay on Time Management

Most people agree that time is one of the most precious parts of our life. But why do we always lack the time to do or to finish something? Why do we always complain we have no time for a rest, for friends, for reading and so on? Well, the answer is quite simple – we don’t know how to manage the time we have.

Students that are assigned to write an essay on time management get the opportunity to learn more about this important activity. Here are some points that should be included in your essay on time-management.

First of all, you have to explain to your future readers what time-management is. Be brief – it will be enough just to mention that this is planning for the effective use of the time you have, in order to do all the things you need to do.
The next part of your time management essay will be a description of the principles of time management. For example:

  1. Change your attitude –do not worry about all the tasks you have and your busy way of life. Plan your activities by their priority.
  2. Organize yourself and follow a routine during the day
  3. Write down your tasks and do them one by one.
  4. Don’t forget to be selective – if you see that you cannot do all of them on time, choose the most important ones and do them first
  5. Try to give yourself some extra time – if it takes 30 minutes to have lunch, leave 15 more minutes extra for a little break after it.
  6. Start your day-book, online journal, or blog where you can see the progress you make with time management.

These are just some popular principles of time management. However, there are more tips that need to be followed in order to manage your time effectively. It is recommended you search on the Internet and get as much information as you need to write your essay on time management. Of course, remember that your time management essay has to include your own opinion: do you manage your time effectively? Do you personally use the recommendations of time management etc.?
Finally, finish your essay with a brief summary and conclusion.

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