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Women are associated with various economic activities and therefore eating meat is good for their bodies. On the other hand men are mostly involved in consumption of game meat. Therefore my response is that sex-role and heteronomative as advocated for by the first food sellers is biased. This foods are unhealthy and of no importance to the human body. Certain codes show that men are mostly involved in talking and narrations compared to women. It is my opinion that men gain control over women by taking away their powers in fast food commercials.

Health Implications

From this book the reader gets the notion that meat is for men only. It is true that most of food advertisements are done by men. This will remain a normal thing if it remains unchanged. Meat and sandwiches are greatly liked by men and that is why many men visit food restaurants. Change is inevitable in the advertising sector to stamp out stereotypes in advertisements. Initially, human beings were hunters and not vegetarian (Sculle 37). Women were greatly attracted to agriculture and this is the main reason why they are vegetarian. We see from the media how fast food restaurant treat their workers, inadequate marketing and unhealthy food they offer. Most of the foods in these restaurants have low fiber contents and high levels of cholesterol which is not good for a human body.

Global warming is caused by fast foods to some extent. Labor issues and animal cruelty arise from fast food industries. Power and superiority are not associated with meat as depicted by the author. In many occasions, meat is preferred by many compared to fruits. In such occasions like I observed, meat is made delicious compared to vegetables that are made to be better but not more than meat. Majority of restaurants have salads as part of their menu. Here the author depicts that meat is so important that every restaurant wishes to prepare salads for meat. Men are depicted to have taken all the attention.

I disagree with the author that meat is associated with power. In recent years, women have risen to higher ranks in all institutions across the globe. In fact some women are doing better than some men. To some extent I agree with the author when is study food advertisements. It relates more to men that women. An example is the cheeseburger that is advertised using a flame background and male voice (Sculle 67). The male voice is used to generate a picture of how meaty the cheeseburger is. Majority of the men are drawn to this advertisement compared to women. Such a marketing strategy is appropriate since it helps to attract men into food restaurant.

As a woman, I am not able to eat a lot like men do. I do not prefer to eat fast foods because my metabolism rate is low. I also do not have a liking of fast food because of the chemical content in them. I have met many women who are vegetarian and I have come across men who consume juicy sticks. I have also seen women order salad in the company of men. Form the gym, most men look forward to eating meat to but I never came across a lady planning to take chicken after work. Chickens are considered masculine and it constitutes a greater part of a man’s life. I cannot support my arguments using you tube videos since most of the advertisement are family oriented (Sculle 34).

Effects on Children

I find it better using my experience to support my case rather than use any material. Fast foods are dangerous to human beings as they cause clogging of blood in blood vessels. The author portrays women as inferior in doing some activities like grilling meat and he says it is men’s responsibility. The media portrays man masculinity and more so insinuates how a man should look like. However not all men who are masculine or act practice everything that the media shows. The question that comes to the mind of the reader is whether the media advocates the use of fast food or is meant to show men masculinity. Food adverts affect both parents and children negatively (Dalgleish 109).

Children health is at risk because they demand what they see on TV with little knowledge on the effect of such foods. Fast foods are located in every corner in town coupled by ads on TV. It is true that fast food restaurant are convenient but they remain to erode the children and adults health. Fast foods do not have nutrients that are required by the body. They contain a lot of sugar and proteins that make one suffer from fatigue. Despite men taking a lot of meat, there are risks associated with its consumption. Arthritis and heart diseases are among the complications that come with frequent consumption of meat in men (Schlosser 23)…

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