Essay Writing Topics for High School Students

The process of selecting essay writing topics for high school students is not one that many high school students enjoy. In fact, most students would rather their teacher selects a topic for them, so that their work would only be to write the essay. Perhaps these high school students do not enjoy selecting the essay topics for themselves, because they do not know the right way to select the appropriate essay writing topics for high school students.


As high school students seek assignment help with selecting essay topics from writing services, it is vital that they also learn how to select essay topics for themselves. One thing to keep in mind, when asked to select essay writing topics for high school students, is that you should at all times select only essay topics that inspire you, and those essay topics that you have a lot of interest in.

If you were to select essay writing topics for high school students, that they have little or no interest in, they are also likely to write an very boring essays, that few people would enjoy reading through. If such an essay were part of a test or an assignment, then the student will receive very low marks for that essay.

The writers in most writing services use the same criteria, when they are given the option of selecting essay topics. Another point to note, when selecting essay writing topics for high school students, is that the essay topics should summarize exactly what is covered in the essay. An essay topic should not be too general, but should be specific, and stay within the range of your interests.

Essay Writing Topics for High School Examples

  • Do you want to have a permission to smoke at school?
  • Is it necessary to wear uniform in school?
  • Dieting actually makes you fat.
  • Is romantic love enough for a happy marriage?
  • People are too dependent on technology.
  • Letter-writing art should be revived.
  • All students caught cheating during examinations should be dismissed from college.
  • Students shouldn’t be required to attend physical training lessons.


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