EssayShark Christmas Contest Results

When you feel the smell of cinnamon, hear slightly thick voice of Louis Armstrong, and see the snow sparkling brightly in lights, you know that your dreams and hopes will come true soon. It’s Christmas coming. We, on EssayShark, wish all our dearest clients and writers to be with people you love at this Christmas, to enjoy touching moments like getting a small card from your little brother or tasting a cookie baked by your granny, and to feel real happiness!

EssayShark Christmas Contest

Several weeks ago we have organized the contest among our writers. They were asked to complete a story or a poem about EssayShark. Now, it’s time to announce the results! Here are the best works of our writers.

User- Friendly ESSAYSHARK
Writer – Archangel

Clicking and rubbing on my blue mouse pad
All day I spent, but I have never had
Wisdom on my paper, I need it so bad
Crumpled scratch pad, liters on my pod

A huge black fin, pop up on my screen
Looking for prey, to those who pray
A piercing predator, but for me a mentor
Friendly Essayshark, I clicked and parked

Plenty of writers, everyone who caters
Paper projects that no one rejects
10 years of academic assistance
Neither has shown any resistance
Holding one mission, both sides satisfaction

In a walk of fame, my graduation came
Success attributed, to Essaysharks a tribute
For all its writers, a legacy to remember
My Essayshark web, I will never forget.

Adventure of a Shark
Writer – AssignmentHelp-tpn

There once lived a shark who loved his children. He was ever toiling hard in a bid to make sure that his children ate. He would thus do everything he could to make ends meet. One day, there was a drought, and the big ocean where Mr Shark lived was drying up.

Christmas was fast approaching; the shark did not want to lose his children. He, therefore, used to travel far to bring water for his children. What is interesting is that he brought the water using his mouth. He did this for many days and nights until it was almost Christmas.

On Christmas day, the shark spent his time mostly looking for greener pastures for him and his young ones. The poor shark did not, therefore, celebrate Christmas. He felt bad because it was their custom to come together as a family during Christmas.

Seeing the great struggle Mr. Shark was going through, other sharks joined and helped him to transport the water. By New Year’s Eve, the small sharks had a place to call home. To show appreciation to the other sharks, Mr. Shark decided to hold a new year’s party at their new home. All the sharks in the ocean attended the party, and they enjoyed themselves. This alone climaxed Mr. Shark’s New Year.

Writer – Hedgehog
One day at my college, I was given a task
To write an essay about Egyptian ‘King Tut Mask’
Not having a clue of who here may me help
I instantly called to my childhood friend
This friend is Sir Edward and this dude is smart
He writes quite a lot and he’s a person of an art
We spoke like 5 minutes and the thing that he told
He couldn’t make this favor, as it seemed he caught a cold
Instead, he admitted that there is one site
You give all this job to some Guru to write
I rapidly got to my computer at home
This web site address was
It was there so easy to make a request
And everyone treated me as quite a welcomed guest
I shone like the sun rays emerged out of dark
The next day I’ve got for this an excellent mark!

Here is one more story our team couldn’t resist publishing.

Twas the Night Before Finals: Tales of a Shark
Writer – WriterJedi

writer contest from EssayShark

Twas the night before finals and all through the dorms not a student was snoring. Not even the class clown. The pupils were all studying their books and dozens of Scholars were typing reports. But what pops up in my wondering Google searches are and writing tutors for academic writing support.

Now I’m not sure if it was the lack of sleep from studying or the exhaustion of taking a final after final but the shark looked at me and smiled.

His teeth were sharp pointy and white.

His fins stood straight up, as his grin grew quite wide.

The shark popped from the screen. His fin on my shoulder and he ducked in my dorm. I screamed for a moment but no one was near. My roommates were at the library writing term paper after term paper. “Never fear,” said the shark and he pointed to the screen. “ can help you my dear.”

The shark scrolled the cursor through the glorious site.

Free samples, top writers, constant updates, and original work.

Creative writing, business plans, thesis papers, and more.

“Now bid away; bid away; bid away, oh joy.”

The shark chuckled and winked his eye. He shrunk back into the computer screen.

Than I heard him say one more thing, “ is here to assist every scholar achieve academic goals. Now enjoy the holidays and rest knowing a friendly shark is lurking whenever you are in need.

I rubbed my dry eyes and blinked a few times. “A holiday shark?” I mutter to myself. “I must be daydreaming.” Then I looked once more and I swear the shark smiled with his sharp white grin. “On essays, on research, on case studies, and article reviews.

On dissertation chapters; on presentations; on term papers; and more
Now bid away; bid away; bid away, oh joy.”

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