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Everest Film Review Sample

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Everest movie is an adventure thriller, which reflects the real events of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster. The story tells about two audacious expedition groups, which use every attempt to survive in the severe cold and harsh wind. Watching this film, it may interest someone: what makes people climb the mountain?

Human psychology is a tricky thing. The characters of the given film are regular heroes. Even when a blizzard strikes, Doug (John Hawkes) struggles it, fights with it just above the Hillary Step. He owns a huge and model stamina to cope with nature.

Sometime later Doug’s health changes for the worse. Rob reacts to this unpredictable situation right away and radios Helen (Emily Watson) to send someone up and bring oxygen and water. From our perspective, this is an act of real friendship. There is definitely a so-called “trigger,” which forces a person to achieve a top of a mountain and not give up.

Not every person has the courage to climb an enormous mountain. You should have some special motives to do it. The Everest expedition is a work, which was thoroughly planned and prepared. A man should be aware of every problem, which may pop up out of the blue and be the Jack-of-all-trades to step into the breach in any case. Only an expert knows how to do it. Rob mixes all of the human’s good sides and features: courage, self-sacrifice, dignity, etc. Unfortunately, Rob passes away soon after he was almost completely frozen and run out of oxygen. Before that Helen asks his pregnant wife Jan (Keira Knightley) to tell him soothing and cheering words, she tells him to start moving, but Rob is already at death’s door. His only wish was a name for his long-awaited daughter – Sarah, a name Jan was first against. One is known for sure: Rob broke through the obstacles and the gift for that was his daughter Sarah. His body remained on Everest.

Life is life. Everyone suffers lost. But nobody should forget about the happiness it gives to us. An epilogue states that Beck (Josh Brolin), a doctor, has lost both hands and nose. Have you ever seen a miracle? Well, that is a miracle.

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