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Example of an Essay: Handling Stressful Situations

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What Are the Worst Ways to Handle Stressful Situations and Why?

This paper will examine what some of the worst ways to handle stress are. This includes the negative effects that are both short and long-term, and alternative methods that would greatly benefit the individual.

Stress is such a considerable part of everyone’s daily life. Between stress in the workplace, to issues at home, the effects of stress and how they can be detrimental to the individual are genuine. But not everyone is aware that there are right and wrong ways to handle stress. This paper will examine some of the worst ways to manage stress, and how that can be combated.

Not being involved in physical activities can be adverse to an individual’s health. Studies have proven that by engaging in physical activity, stress results are lowered, and individuals produce endorphins, which are natural mood elevators (Anxiety and Depression Association of America). By not being active (such as through an exercise program, running, or otherwise moving the body), individuals are not able to relieve the built-up tension they are feeling, which can result in them being even more stressed out.

More often than not, other people are the cause of one’s stress. It is highly recommended by professionals that one never use stress-relieving techniques, such as violence and physically hurting the person who is causing the problem. Although the short-term effects may seem satisfying, physical violence should never be used to “settle a score” (Glass, 1995). Doing so can lead to further issues within one’s life, such as being held on criminal charges for assault and battery, dealing with the repercussions (such as losing one’s job, spending a great deal of money to handle the court case, or worse yet, fighting with someone who is stronger, and able to do serious harm). Instead, there are many more satisfying solutions, including beating up on a pillow while screaming, ripping up photos, or ending a relationship (professional, romantic, or family) that a person feels is the cause of their stress, and is beyond fixing (Glass, 1995).

By looking for techniques that are helpful, and produce positive benefits, an individual can lead a life with minimal stress.


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