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Example of APA Format Essay: Millennials

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Managining Millennials in Their Working Place

It looks like Milliennials, as the generation born between 1980 and 1995 is called, is definitely making company directors think of a better way to manage their employees.

Due to a very strong tendency to independence and personal growth, Millennials have no intention of staying in a workplace where they don’t feel encouraged to develop their potential or if they don’t find opportunities to make a career based on the support given by their superiors. This situation carries great probabilities of talented employees leaving their jobs: if they don’t grow inside the company, they will do it out there (Fromm, J., 2015).

Generation Y may be seen by their leaders as rebel or “difficult to manage” (Taylor, K., 2013). Coaching instead of bossing is probably the best way to cope up with this Millennials need a real leadership, jobs full of challenges and the chance to go further every day, so mentorship plays a very important role in search of a better relationship between directors and employees.

A flexible work environment which allows them to produce a quality result rather than one focused on the number of hours invested in a specific task, will also help find success in this matter. Even the possibility of working from home can make them get better and faster outcomes.

Another strategy is to establish an effective way of communication, where feedback and learning is mutual. Taking their ideas and impressions into account will create a more confident and enthusiastic employee.

Although there are many more managing systems to enhance the work relationship with Millennials, these are essential to achieve successful results.


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