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Bio.True story. James Baldwin Biography. 2013.

Retrieved October 4th 2013 from <http://www.biography.com/people/james-baldwin-9196635>

The author gives a detailed life history of James Baldwin from his birth until his death. Baldwin’s success in his writing is highly attributed to his racial and social issues given his sexuality and race. Despite making friends with another celebrated writer Richard Wright, this could not prevent him from carrying out odd jobs to support himself, something that later became a source of motivation for him.

The European Graduate School. James Baldwin Biography. 2013.

Retrieved October 4th 2013 from < http://www.egs.edu/library/james-baldwin/biography/>

James Baldwin is largely considered as the best writer of his generation. This article affirms that besides racial segregation and poverty, as he grew up in Harlem, Baldwin uses discrimination as a recurring theme to address social and racial injustices. Additionally, Baldwin also depicted the isolation and loneliness that grappled the blacks during that time.

American Masters. James Baldwin; About the Author. November 29th,2006.

Retrieved October 4th 2013 from < http://www.pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/episodes/james-baldwin/about-the-author/59/>

Despite spending most of his lifetime in Europe, James Baldwin stuck to his roots and was characteristically an American writer. This article holds that the troubled relationship Baldwin had with his stepfather inspired him to escape his circumstances and use the only thing he had, his mind. Regardless, he still followed in his footsteps to serve the church and its influence is evident in his writing.

Pearson Literature. James Baldwin Biography. 2010.

Retrieved October 4th 2013 from < http://wps.ablongman.com/long_kennedy_lfpd_9/0,9130,1489977-,00.html>

This review follows Baldwin’s legacy and attests that being a homosexual, Baldwin was tortured by issues of acceptance and acceptance but silenced his critics with his work telling the truth is a consistent manner that displayed integrity and character. The article talks of Baldwin’s charisma and cites the time he was diagnosed with esophagus cancer but still remained cheerful and vibrant.

Chandler. D.L. Happy Birthday, James Baldwin. 2012.

Retrieved October 4th 2013 from < http://newsone.com/2028507/james-baldwin-biography/>

Chandler, in this article takes the reader through a journey of Baldwin’s life twenty five years after his death. He narrates of his numerous achievements which prompted the United States Postal Service to honor Baldwin with a first class postage stamp. Chandler also ascertains that Baldwin’s work not only addressed about the blacks but also the plight of the gay people in the society…

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