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Free Comparison Essay Writing

Comparison essay paper writing is one of the most assigned tasks in the studying process. Free comparison essay writing prompts are commonly known in several forms:

  • Compare and contrast subject X and subject Y.
  • Describe the differences and similarities between subject X and subject Y.

A College comparison essay can be focused on comparing the main idea or topic of every piece of writing.

Free Comparison Essay Peculiarities

Similar to classification essays, this type of paper requires students to categorize ideas and different points of view. The best way to start working on a comparison essay is to create a table with two columns, writing the differences and similarities of each item in them.
As you can see in free comparison essay examples, your paper should start with a thesis statement, which states similarities and differences in two objects. Then you should describe all of them in detail and make necessary conclusions to prove your statement.

Free Comparison Essay: Cue Words

The cue words technique is one of the most common ways of writing a compare and contrast essay with the help of linking different paragraphs. Cue words make reading of your comparison essay easier and more understandable. They may be the following:

  1.   Cue words for similarities:
  • Is similar to
  • Both
  • As well
  • Also
  • Like
  • Too.
  1. Cue words for differences:
  • However
  • Although
  • On the other hand
  • While
  • Unlike
  • But.

The appropriate usage of cue words will make your comparison essay conclusions easy to write and summarize. Academic writing has never been so easy before, as the transitions make your essay logic and help moving smoothly from one point to another.

Free Comparison Essay Help

If you feel you can’t cope with academic paper writing, don’t try to download a free comparison essay and present is as your own. The most advisable option for you is to apply for help from, place an order there and enjoy your free time. To receive really good paper, specify:

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  5. Number of pages. guarantees 100% plagiarism-free, original papers, which will be delivered within the deadline.

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