Good Topics for a Research Paper

Are you looking for good topics for a research paper? Tired of looking through the Internet pages in the hope of finding really interesting topics for university students? We have compiled for you the most helpful tips on how to choose really catchy and engaging ideas. We will help you to pick the best topic and express your opinions in the best way. You need not be a gifted writer, but writing experience is a must.

Good Topics for a Research Paper: Types

  1.  Persuasive. These papers identify students’ writing skills and ensure the writer can defend his/her idea. Writing a good paper depends on choosing trusted sources and having the ability to prove a point of view.
  2. Argumentative. Good topics for a research paper of this type should be controversial issues that are easily understandable for readers. Pick a topic and then first try to become an expert in it. Then take your own position and convince the audience about it.
  3. Psychology. Have you been assigned to write a psychology research paper? In choosing
    a topic, make sure it is not too broad or general. Narrow it if necessary and focus on the research process.
  4. College. Good topics for a research paper for college must be interesting to you. As you will spend a lot of time working on it, make sure you will enjoy doing this.
  5. History. Research paper on history depends on your taste. Just choose the best one for you and start writing.

Good Topics for a Research Paper: Examples

  • What impact has social networking on us?
  • Should alcohol ads be allowed on TV?
  • Is vaccination safe?
  • Should gambling be legally prohibited?
  • Is it necessary to make gay marriages legal?
  • How did television change the life of American families?

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