Good Topics for Argumentative Essays

In order to select good topics for argumentative essays, you will have to look for and find an issue that can be argued from two opposing perspectives. The issue in the topic has to be one that the audience, who in most cases is your professor, will find interesting. Even as you select good topics for argumentative essays that you find interesting, you should also consider your personal position about certain issues; that could be the basis of your argumentative essays.

If you have ever sought the essay help of writing services, when writing argumentative essays, without specific topics, then you will notice that writing services always select argumentative essay topics that are specific to the point being argued in the essay. For example, writing services would rarely select a topic, such as “Marijuana is illegal and should remain illegal” for an argumentative essay. This is because this essay topic is too general, and is not exactly true, because there are instances, when it is perfectly legal for a doctor to prescribe marijuana to patients.

Good topics for argumentative essays are more specific, and never generalize issues. The aforementioned topic above can be turned into a good topic for argumentative essay, by introducing a particular issue into the illegality of marijuana for instance, the topic could read; “selling, buying, and using marijuana, in recreational and all public areas, should be considered illegal.” This argumentative essay topic is very specific, because it points out exactly where marijuana should be made illegal, unlike the previous argumentative essay topic that generalized the issue, without considering that marijuana can be legally used.

Good Topics for Argumentative Essays

  • What is the influence of competition on students?

  • What is a perfect age to start dating?

  • Is using animals for tests in scientific experiments right?

  • Is capital punishment appropriate for rapists?

  • What is the effect of news on general public?

  • Are only human beings responsible for global warming?

  • Is there a connection between couple’s age and their relationship?

  • At what age should children start using Internet?

  • Is it necessary to legalize gay marriages?

  • Should mobile phones be restricted in public places?

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