Heaven for Perfectionists

We already had a post about what the hell for perfectionists might look like. Images from that post caused such an excruciating dissatisfaction that today we decided to send a glimpse of hope to millions of perfectionists reading our blog, to show them that our world is still a beautiful place to live in. So, this post will be dedicated to extremely satisfying things – totally opposite to the previous one. Just remember that contrasts and contradictions is what life is made of, and what makes it so beautiful. Enjoy!

1. 1


A dream of any cook.

2. 2

I love nature!

3. 3


One in a million.

4. 4

I’d send these to a museum.




I guess all this belongs to a designer.

6. 6


7. 7


Reminds of a sun in miniature.

8. 8

This is the best grocery shop ever!

9. 10

I’d feel pity to throw it.

10. 9


And I would also feel pity to eat this 🙂


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