Hell for Perfectionists

One proverb says that “perfect is the opposite to good.” For many of us, it is true; we prefer to do something just well enough to feel content with the results. But there is a group of people, for whom perfection is the only possible outcome for anything they do, or the only possible way for things to exist. Perfectionists feel that if something is not perfect, it is just not right. This is their engine for creating really incredible things, but also a source of disappointment.

If you are a perfectionist, this post is for you. Sometimes, you cannot fix something, and have to let it be as it is. Just relax, and have fun.


1Living in a place like this must be worse than living in a haunted house.

02.  2

The best way to ruin a holiday!

03. 3The cause of numerous accidents.

04. 4I never liked balley anyways.

05. 5

Ah, these futile attempts…

06. 6I can almost feel it physically.

07. 7You cannot unsee it when you find what’s wrong.

08. 8Life is ruined.

09. 9Nooooooooooo!!!

10. 10

Double standards in fashion industry.
P.S. Have you noticed that images in this post are not of the same size? 🙂

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