History Essays: An Ultimate Guide for College Students















History essays should include a lot of historical information and details within a given word and page limit. Also, it is important to present information in a comprehensive and intelligent form. After reading this article, you will know how to write a history paper that shows your understanding of the information and your writing skills.

The First Important Paragraph

Every section of history essay is significant, but the introduction part is the most important. Through the introduction you have a chance to make an impression on the reader, and, as we know, the first impression is often determinative. In order to do so, you should show your understanding of the question or prompt that you are supposed to base your paper on.

Body Paragraphs

Start each body paragraph with a generalization that must be relevant to the topic or question for the assignment. Then develop your ideas and support it with evidence. You should provide a clear selection of facts to support ideas you are developing. Do not write your essay as a set of historians’ views. State your own opinions in the body paragraph to create real substance for your essay.


If you present your case in your body paragraphs, you should summarize the results in the last paragraph. Discussing opposing opinions, you should say which one is true to you.
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