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History Paper Sample: English Royal Bloodline

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How Was the English Royal Bloodline Chosen?

The English bloodline has a strange rambling history that emerges from a fairy tale to the modern scandal-driven tabloids slamming Kate Middleton for wrecking the royal bloodline (6) forever. Long before King Henry I (1068-1135) died of eating a possibly poisoned lamprey pie (4), the royal English bloodline reached back into a land of myths and tragedy.

Celts immigrated to English and Britain lands during the early Iron Age with great bronze horned helmets and fancy wicker chariots. Tall and muscular with crazed hair and great mustaches, these shaggy wood-demons met great resistance from invading Roman Emperor Claudius in 43 AD. The Celts were led by Caractacus, king of the Catuvellauni tribe (5). These were the earliest rulers of the land.

First to The English Throne

The 66 rulers of England and Britain cover a vast 1500 years of shifts in culture, wars and devastating illnesses. The first king to claim the throne was Egbert in 827 with the conquest of Mercia. Egbert ruled all of England south of the Humber until 839.

How Kings Became King


Many of the early rulers were not so much chosen, but proven to be brave and gain land and assets. This lifestyle was not without risk and many monarchs died young due to the lack of medicine and hygiene. Other were appointed to the throne succeeding their fathers or having close relation to the throne.

It was tradition to keep the bloodline strong with the infusion of royal blood to procure pure heirs to the crown to the point of icestual marrigaes, few kings married for love (3). Before bloodline rules were established, popular vote or the word of influential people could put a well rounded warlord on the throne. Such was the case for Harold II in 1066, the last of the Saxon kings to rule England (1).

The throne had to be sat upon by someone and wars were long and often far away. Word carried slow in 1035 when Harold I an illegitimate royal offspring was proclaimed king (2). Harold I claimed the throne after his father’s death when his half-brother, the rightful heir, was at war.


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