How to Generate Great Essay Topic Ideas?

generate-essay-topic-ideasAt some point of the educational process you need to be able to generate essay topic ideas. Before trying to create your essay ideas, you need to understand all parameters that are set for the essay. This will help you determine what you should write about.

Brainstorming techniques can help you develop your essay topic. Using brainstorming techniques, start writing general ideas about the topic and then develop issues related to a main idea. It will help you develop more specific ideas for an essay.

If you have no parameters set for your essay and you need to develop an essay topic from the beginning, think about topics that you are interested in, what topics you are knowledgeable about, and what might be interesting to your readers.

Consider what type of essay you are required to write because, for instance, a narrative essay needs to be written and researched differently from an expository essay. Before creating your essay topic, make sure of the type of essay you need to write because some topics will be better suited to certain types of essays.

It is always important to remain unique and avoid plagiarism. You can search for essay ideas on the Internet but don’t steal anyone’s idea. Avoid plagiarizing, as it may lead you to punishment.

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Here is one of essay samples written by our writers. Pay attention to paper topic and its structure to be sure you know how to write papers of such type.

Norwegian Cultural Values

What cultural values do the Norwegians hold that other cultural groups should learn?

Norway is a small country in Northern Europe bordering Finland, Sweden and Russia with approximately 5 million inhabitants. With breathtaking scenery and fascinating culture, it has a strong economy based in the oil industry and welfare state. Not least, Norway is also a champion in sustainability, healthy and community services and constantly keeps a high score in the HDI evaluation each year.[i] Besides its humanitarian great power, it is also regarded as one of the healthiest countries to live in with an average life expectancy around eighty years. But, being one of the wealthiest and most advanced economies in the world has also a connection with its core values and beliefs. Actually, its grandness comes from these cultural issues that should be carefully spread as an example to the the world. Here, we address 3 of them:


Norway was quite late to get urbanized and until little time ago, it was a country made by farmers and fishermen. Such an agricultural and fishing nation has spread its population across the countryside. A community perspective rather than individualism helped them to raise an equal society based in mutual respect and interdependence. So, Norwegians do have a strong sense of fairness and their equal gender legislation is so entrenched in their society that humility became a crown value to democratic principles applied to every-day life. Being part of a community makes Norwegian more prone to praising professional achievement rather than ostentation of what money can buy. Norwegians pride themselves as being honest and sincere as well as putting community needs before their own. Different from the world, they fear individualism and self-promotion more than community achievements. Modesty is a key skill which means “no one is better than anyone else”, Jante’s Law.[ii]


Gender equality is observed in most social settings in Norway and they do have one of the most equal gender societies in the world (Hofstede, 2014)[iii]. Norwegian relationships are independent, informal and frequently not reliable in marriages or other institutions to raise a family. Women are highly respected in all kinds of businesses and generally receive equal payments and benefits for their work. Education is also gender neutral and gives everyone an equal opportunity for self-realization. Nobody uses the word equality to describe what is taken for granted in such a respectful society: that being fair is a must for equality.


Another distinctive feature of Norwegians is their relationship with nature and outdoors. They have developed such closeness to nature that outdoor activities are an important part of the Norwegian identity. They worship the sun, lakes, woods and mountains so much that sustainability is a direct experience of nature wisdom and surveillance. This contact with nature brings a sense of wonder, respect, and joy. Together with nature, they learn to live with integrity and to honor a sustainable future for all human kind. Furthermore, Norwegians top lists as humanitarian contributions and charity donators around the Globe. The benevolent face of social democracy is solidarity. Quoting a Norwegian: “A person’s worth is quite independent of their usefulness to society”, Kjell Magne Bondevik.[iv]





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