How to Get a Winning Personal Recommendation Letter

Aside from high grades and extracurricular activities, a good personal recommendation letter for college is an important part of the application process. International students should have their accomplishments acknowledged. If you ask your teacher to write you a recommendation letter, you should know the following things.


  • Show an instructor an example of a personal recommendation letter written by a high school teacher. It is not hard to find. Find a sample online and then show it to the person who is going to write yours.

The reason is rather simple. Your teacher may not know what an admission officer is looking for. They are looking for specific information in a personal recommendation letter. They want to know your leadership experience and unique personality. That’s why it is important to ask your teacher to read some samples before writing the letter.

  • Ensure that your scholarship recommendation letter is informative and clear. It also depends on the person who is writing your letter. You should ask this person not to add unnecessary details in your scholarship recommendation letter. Your letter should be clear and evidence-based. If you are good at something, it should be mentioned in the paper.
  • Ask for two letters – only one will not help you with the application process. By the way, two letters written by different people will disclose more information about who you are. However, if you present more than two, an admission officer may not have enough time to read them all.
  • Ask a teacher to write a letter. It is a mistake that having a scholarship recommendation letter from a more important teacher is better. You’d better get a letter from a teacher who has known you for a long time rather than from a principal who has known you for only a few weeks.

A letter may not come necessarily from a professor or a teacher. It can be from anyone who can write about your personal qualities, except of parents.

  • If you are an international student, ask your teacher to write in your native language and then you translate it into English. It is a common situation among most international students. If you can’t do it on your own, ask someone else instead or get the letter officially translated. Provide a translator with advice on how your letter should look.

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