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How to Make My Essay Better?

An essay is a type of written work – a statement of one’s thoughts and knowledge on a given topic. When students are writing their essays, they may not be fully satisfied with the quality of their work. In these cases, they ask themselves, “how to make my essay better?” Don’t worry, because we are here to help you.

Make My Essay Better – What to Remember

Before you start to improve your essay, you need to know what obligatory parts it should have:

  • introduction
  • main body
  • conclusion

The absence of one of these elements in an essay is considered as a rather large error and is taken into account when grading. The composition of the essay must be concise and clear. All the main ideas in the essay must be carefully justified.

An introduction presents the topic, and provides preliminary, general information about the problem presented in the proposed topic.

The introduction can:

  • Contain the answer to the question asked.
  • Contain your opinion if the topic contains a reference to the applicant’s opinion (“how do you understand the meaning of the name …”).
  • Contain a fact from the author’s biography or characterize a historical period if this information is important for subsequent text analysis.
  • Show your understanding of literary terms, if they are used in the topic (“the theme of fate …” “the image of the hero …”).

Keep in mind that an introduction should contain a thesis statement. If you ask yourself, “How can I make my essay better?” check first of all whether your introduction has a thesis statement.

In the main part you should avoid:

  1. A retelling of a literary work.
  2. The presentation of information not directly related to the topic.

In the main part, it is necessary to demonstrate knowledge of the topic, and the ability to correctly express your thoughts in a logical and stylistic manner. The main part is a test of how well the topic is understood. Remember that each new idea should be presented in a new paragraph.

The task of the conclusion is to summarize what was said and complete the text, once again drawing attention to the most important point. The conclusion should:

– Be short but capacious.
– Be organically linked to the previous information.
– Not include any new information.
– Restate the introduction.

In conclusion, the writer’s personal attitude toward the problem can be expressed. It should be stated correctly, without excessive enthusiastic assessments, and have a clearly defined meaning. If it is clear and strictly relevant to the topic, the last paragraph of the essay can smooth over many shortcomings. An unfinished essay is as attractive as a half-baked cake.

Also, while writing an essay, you should stick to the format and cite all thoughts that you have borrowed from others. If you believe that your thoughts or arguments are right, you need to prove them with evidence.

Ways to Make My Essay Better

  • Don’t try to use ready-made essays – your paper should be unique, as even if your topic is slightly different, it may harm your work.
  • If you come to the thought that you can’t write an essay on any of the given topics, keep calm. Most likely, after a while the situation will no longer seem so critical, and you will be able to write your essay.
  • Try to write everything you know on the topic. Then try to sort everything in order.
    Carefully read the topic, try to determine the exact lexical meaning of each word of the topic, and only then determine the general lexical meaning of the phrase or statement. Think over the direction of development of the topic, relate the essay theme with your knowledge, and decide whether you can write an essay on this topic or if it is better to abandon it.
  • When choosing a topic, rely on your knowledge. Do not try to create a literary masterpiece. Now you need to prove that you can correctly write an essay.
  • Write down the main points that you would like to say in your essay, and line them up logically – this will be your initial plan. Refer to it at the time of writing the text, as it will help you save the logical structure and, therefore, reveal the topic.
  • Relate the lengths of the introduction, conclusion, and main body. The largest part should be the main body, while the introduction should be about half that size, and the conclusion should be the smallest in length. Remember that any “distortions” with the size of the essay can also negatively affect the final result.
  • And most importantly, before you start to write an essay, tell yourself that you can do everything!
  • It is better to prepare for writing an essay in advance; do not write it on the last night. Usually, arguments are an obligatory part of the work. It is not necessary to set a goal to ideally know the texts of the novels of Stephen King (although this may work as a plus) if you need to write an essay on his book.
  • Another important aspect of writing better essays is practice. Practice writing texts in the format of the essay: count the words, check whether your text corresponds to the topic, and evaluate how correct the arguments are.
  • Do not forget about the structure of the text. Here, a basic template format may well help introductory construction. Of course, you can write an essay without it, but then it will not always be logical. Using words like “this way,” “so,” “consequently,” and the like will facilitate the process of structuring the text. The logical structure of “thesis, argument, thesis, argument” has not let anyone down yet.
  • Don’t present examples from little-known texts. Assyrian poetry or modern Norwegian drama is interesting, but hardly anyone else (except you) knows about their existence. This includes examples from movies and video games – literary sources are required in the paper.
  • Don’t present examples from texts that you don’t know well. It is better to present examples from your favorite books.

how can i make my essay better

How Do I Make My Essay Better – Exercises

– Write an essay in less than 100 words.
– Turn on the recorder, retell a famous fairy tale (for example, “Cinderella”). Listen to the recording.
– Look out the window. Then, without taking your eyes off the monitor or sheet of paper, try to write down everything you saw.
– Write 20 words starting from the same letter. Come up with a synonym for each.
– Describe your first date from the viewpoint of your partner (or your answer to an exam from the viewpoint of the teacher, etc.).
– Write, without interrupting, 10 pages of text.
– Throughout the week, write about dawn every morning.
– Write 10 random words. Make a meaningful text using them.
– Without using the pronoun “I,” write about yourself.
– Come up with a new word.
– Create a landscape without using adjectives.
– Look at the photo of a stranger. Think about who this person is and what is important for them in life. Write about it.
– Try to transmit the sound of the waves with the help of sound writing.
– Write a letter to Santa Claus.
– Look for differences between synonyms.
– Carefully read your own essay. Underline the quotes which you like. If you haven’t written anything yet, get the text of another author.
– Tell a story using the pronoun “he” in each sentence. Try to make the text sound beautiful.
– Find 100 associations for the word “love”: words, sentences, names, songs, etc.
– Remember the song that you liked as a child. Thinking about it, write, and do not try to be logical.
– Describe a smile in 200 words.
– Record what you are thinking about at the moment. Remember how this thought occurred to you. What was before it?
– In 10 minutes, draw a series of 10 pictures. If in the course of drawing phrases or titles appear – sign the pictures.
– Light a candle. Write till it blows out.
– “The girl heard a whisper …” Continue with: a) a mystical story; b) a poem; c) a realistic story.
– Write non-banal dialogue about the weather (preferably in several ways).
– Cross out all verbs from the news article. Try to make the text connected.
– Sit up straight. Put an apple on your head. Write, not allowing it to fall.
– Do exercises.
– Come up with a new name for a familiar thing (chair, coat, magazine).
– Write the text on behalf of the person you dislike.
– Try to convey emotion in your writing without using normal words, only with sounds.
– Take seven randomly selected photos. Write about each of them as long as you can.

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