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How to Make Your Research Proposal Sample Awesome

The success of your research proposal is dependent on a range of various factors. They are not limited only by your experience and sphere of study. It is one of the first assignments to complete by students of various research programs. We will try to help you to write a research proposal sample in the best possible way. We’ve chosen the most popular questions from students and will try to answer all of them. So, let’s start!

How much time should I spend writing a research proposal?

The average amount of time which us presupposed to spend on writing a research proposal sample is from 1 day to about one month.

What subject area should be chosen for the paper?

If you know what career to choose, picking the sphere for your research proposal is easy. In case your aim is just achieving a qualification, you have lots of opportunities.

What are the main requirements in research proposal writing?

The general requirements are the following:

  • The number of words – 1500 – 2000 (without an abstract and references)
  • Amount of resources to use – 10-20 (only the most recent academic publications)
  • Abstract – about 300 words presenting the how, what, and why of your the research.
  • Research context – choose a problem for your research that other scientists have started working on or already have finished.
  • The statement of your research proposal problem – specify weak sides of the previous studies and explain how these limitations can be avoided. This step will help you to formulate the research question.
  • The paper objective – planning your work and discussing it with a supervisor, follow the rule of SMART. It means:

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic
T – Time-bound

According to this principle, you may break the research proposal sample into main parts and make it flow logically.

  • Method of the research – this stage concerns the practical part of the research proposal. It is derived from objectives, aims, data analysis and questions. Consider the strategies you are going to use and express your own beliefs.
  • The plan of your research – briefly present what you are going to achieve in your paper.
  • Writing the references – find out how to cite used sources and what formatting method to use. As a rule, the Harvard citation style is used in research proposals. Read more about this referencing standard if you think you do not know it well.

What is the difference between direct and indirect salaries?

Direct are paid from the grant, and indirect salaries are paid by the university, where a person is already employed.

Are there various types of proposals?

There are several kinds of research proposal samples you should know before writing the paper:

  • Solicited proposals – they are written in response to a particular solicitation. They differ by the requirements regarding technical content and format.
  • Unsolicited proposals – written by the investigator, who is interested in the particular topic without strict requirements and expectations.
  • Preproposals – this type of paper is usually submitted as a letter of intent. If it is approved, the sponsor informs the applicant if the full research proposal is required.
  • Continuation proposal – it is a project that is conducted over several years project, which has already been paid partially.

What mistakes should be avoided?

It is not a rare situation when students are not accepted as PhD candidates, as a result of the following mistakes:

  1. Poor structure of the paper.
  2. Unclear statement of the research problem, question or idea.
  3. Project complexity and size does not fit general requirements.
  4. The chosen arguments are weak and do not follow the instructions.

We can not guarantee that after reading our guide you will write a perfect research proposal sample. We hope, though, that we’ve managed to answer at least half of your questions. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions you can contact us or write your comments above, so we can provide you with more help.

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