How to Obtain Good Writing Skills

Good writing can be harder than it seems. Knowing how to write is really important and it is a required skill for success in school and in your work life. If you write well, it will help you to communicate effectively. Our tips will help you to strengthen your writing.


    • Forget about jargon. It is rather easy to fall into the habit of using jargon that doesn’t mean anything. Good writing means that you should stick to clear words that get your point across.

  • Try to avoid made-up words. Jargon is bad enough, but made up terms are even worse for your good writing. They can’t make you sound smarter or more professional; they just make your writing difficult to understand.
  • Don’t use passive voice. It is not technically incorrect, but it’s awkward and indicates poor writing skills. A student with good writing skills knows that using passive voice is discouraged in essays and other academic papers.
  • Use active verbs. If you use expressive language, you make things clearer and more interesting to your readers. Vivid and expressive writing shows that you have good writing skills and are able to present information in an interesting way.
  • Be careful with adverbs. Your writing may seem lazy if you use too many adverbs. You don’t need adverbs if you use active verbs. Show your good writing skills by using simple and vivid language without unnecessary adverbs.
  • Forget about clichés. Business writing is often meaningless, as clichés are often used in it. However, you may use clichés in your own writing sparingly.
  • Use less words. Don’t think that using lots of words make you sound knowledgeable. It just obscures what you are trying to communicate.
  • Sometimes you just need to break the rules. If you follow all the writing rules, you will get absolutely correct content. However, it may kill your voice. Bend some rules to make your writing sound more original.
  • Don’t edit when you write your first draft. If you edit while writing, remember that it may harm your creativity. Just let your creativity flow. Write anything you want in your first draft. After finishing your writing, put your paper aside for a while and then edit it.
  • Narrate your story in a proper way. Readers like to read well-told stories. Provide more details to help your readers imagine the picture and characters.

There is no one magic solution for all types of writing, everything is just about you and your imagination. Find your own way of writing. Reach your word count goal; write at your own pace. If you don’t feel like writing, just don’t start to do it that day.

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