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How to Overcome a Summer Reading Challenge

Everyone knows how important it is to keep reading not only while studying, but also during summer vacation. Reading during the summer while on vacation can be a real summer reading challenge, which should be stood up to with bravery.

Summer reading programs were initiated in the 1890s and their primary aim was to make children (preferable from urban areas) read during their vacations and develop their reading skills.

Despite the existence of lots of good summer reading programs in public libraries, there is no particular list of literature which should be read on vacations, unless instructors give them lists of reading materials. Individuals have to choose books to read themselves and write their essays later on. This influences individuals a lot and helps them not only to develop reading skills, but also to broaden their outlook.

Good Summer Reads: Benefits

Summer reading possesses a lot of advantages both for teachers and students:

  • Developing reading skills as a lifelong habit.
  • Keeping reading skills up among younger children.
  • Learning to analyze books and express feelings about them.
  • Generating interest in reading, in various book genres, libraries and movies based on books.
  • Providing an opportunity to families to spend more time together while reading.
  • Spending time wisely instead of watching TV and surfing the Web.
  • Writing summaries and reviews that analyze books from summer reading program.
  • Determining gaps connected with reading skills and their correction.

There are a lot of problems and challenges individuals face while doing summer reading activities. To overcome them successfully, we’ve prepared a list of the most common difficulties and their solutions.

Summer Reading Challenges and Solutions

  • The plot is difficult and the words are not easily understandable. No matter what the pupil’s age is, he or she can get consult online dictionaries and other sources, that help to explain some terminology, events, scientific facts, personalities, etc.
  • No desire to read the books listed. Very often offered books are not interesting for students and just do not fit their age and sphere of interests. Summer reading should encourage learners to read what they would like to and give them more opportunities to choose really involving books and stories.
  • Not paying enough attention to the details in the book. Having such a problem is a real summer reading challenge, especially when having to write essays and answering teacher’s questions. You will be assigned to analyze books you have chosen, or speak about them in class. Individuals are recommended to make notes while reading – write down facts, descriptions, events, which may be important for supporting your viewpoint.
  • Problems appearing while choosing books to read. By having an assignment to pick several books among millions available for summer reading, students face real difficulties. The best way out is to ask the teacher for help and advice, or go to the public library and look for summer reading programs there.
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