How to Write a Case Study Paper According to All the Rules

There are various types of case studies with their peculiar features and purposes, the most
popular of which are:

  • Exploratory – the aim is to investigate some information
  • Critical – analyzes a particular topic
  • Illustrative – describes some events
  • Cumulative – compares well-known collective information

When writing a case study, one is required to follow several simple steps to submit an original and well-thought out paper:

  1. Define the type of your case study. Choose a writing style and structure which meets the needs of your audience most of all. The primary aim of your paper is to make in-depth analysis of the particular case (some kind of situation, abstract thing, company, person, or even a country).
  2. Choose a topic for your case study. Determine what your paper is going to be about – the specific problem to analyze. Narrow down your theme and try to find as much information as it is possible about it.
  3. Find paper samples on the Web with a similar topic. Do not take any of the ideas – just make sure you know how to write a case study paper according to academic rules. Do not forget about looking at published articles in journals or magazines. You can discover some important problem there which needs a solution.
  4. Start telling a story. Share some background information with your readers to highlight the main problem.
  5. Offer your solution of the particular problem giving enough important details and real-life examples.
  6. Keep your paper short and revealing. It should be presented in a way and format which is easy to understand. If there is no final solution, the paper will be deemed incomplete.
  7. Writing a case study requires sticking to the particular word limit. Find out this information if it was not provided by your instructor so as not to waste your time.

How to Write a Case Study Paper Without Mistakes

Here is a list of the most common mistakes students make when writing a case study.

  • The usage of old information which has been discussed many times already.
  • Presenting information in the wrong order. The most common order is putting
    information in chronological order.
  • Usage of ideas from other case studies, which may end up in your classmates’ case studies as well.
  • Poor research. Make sure your information is relevant and your notes are clear.
  • Weak paper structure. Create a plan before writing a case study to submit a top-notch piece of writing.
  • Make sure you clearly understand your primary purpose. Pay attention to language, vocabulary, grammar, paper structure and punctuation. Your instructor is going to check your investigative and analysis skills, so prove to him or her that you can meet his or her expectations.

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