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Human Rights Essay Sample: Arab Spring

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What Were the Main Preconditions for the Arab Spring?

Such countries as Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia and some other are united by one geopolitical process named “The Arab Spring.” It was a series of revolutionary anti-government protests, uprisings and armed rebellions that spread across the Middle East in early 2011. Revolutions don’t start in one day. Huge Arab protests were not the exception from this rule. They required definite preconditions and sufficient mass will power to unite against the Arab dictatorship.

Noam Chomsky said “The Arab Spring was a development of historic importance, threatening many powerful interests. Power does not say ‘thank you for dismantling us,’ then walking quietly away” (Bröning). It seems that the events in Arab world are regularities of historic development of democratic countries. To prove this idea it’s enough to remember the overthrowing dictatorial governments in Europe in late 60th and early 70s. But the reasons of this were simply different. We can distinguish internal and external problems that became the main preconditions of the Arab Spring.

From the first sight it’s obvious that among internal problems the sharpest for the citizens happened to be social contradictions such as unemployment, rising prices and corruption that followed the privatization of state assets in some countries (Agarwal). From economical point of view the reasons for the mass discontent were in growing prices of the needed for life products, disproportion in economic development. The level of mortality was growing and the level of everyday life was coming down. On the contrary, the political elite used to corruption and irresponsibility ignored people’s needs deliberately. From political point of view the protests were caused by lack of democracy.

The external influences of big countries of Europe and the USA also could provoke protests. The Arab world is important for them strategically as the place of spreading their interests. Moreover these countries are rich for oil and gas. So, global policy of shearing spheres of influence touched the Middle East and happened to be the precondition of the Arab Spring.

In conclusion, such unfavourable processes were very painful for honest workers such as Mohammed Bouazizi, a Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire in a show of public protest. His death proved for other people, young and old, that they shouldn’t stand such attitude to themselves any more.

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