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Insomnia Research Paper Sample

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The aim of the report is to promote the use of a new pharmaceutical medication whose aim so to fight insomnia. Many patients struggle with insomnia hence it is necessary for them to have the right medications for the situations that they are in. The findings showed that most patients benefited from the new medication and this enabled them to have reduced symptoms as compared to the initial times. It is therefore recommended that patients who suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness should try this medication in order to experience the results.

The report is aimed at creating an understanding of the term insomnia as well as to understand how appropriate medication is effective in treating insomnia. Insomnia can be understood as a disorder that makes it difficult for a person to fall asleep. It also makes it difficult for a person to stay a sleep for a while. This makes an individual to wake up with a tired feeling that makes it quite difficult to function properly during the day. This affects the energy levels of the body as well as performance at work, mood, as well as the general quality of life of a person.


Insomnia can be characterized by having a tired feeling after waking up from sleep, frequently waking up during the night and at the same time having trouble when going back to sleep as well as waking up very early during the morning hours. Insomnia can be characterized into two types, primary and secondary. Primary insomnia occurs if an individual has problems sleeping that may not have a direct relationship with some health condition or problem. The secondary insomnia occurs when an individual has sleeping problems because of other reasons such as cancer, heartburn, pain, depression, the use of medication or even the use of some substances such as alcohol (Schuman 45).

According to Badr (66) insomnia can also be classified into both chronic and acute whereby acute is short time and chronic insomnia on the other hand is to last for longer times. Acute insomnia can be because of medications such as those treating asthma, allergies, colds, and depressions since they can interfere with sleep. It can also be caused by environmental factors that include light, noise, and extreme hot and cold temperatures. It can also be caused by interferences in the schedules of sleep as well as stresses in life such as death of a loved person, moving houses, loss of job as well as divorce. Chronic stress, anxiety, depression, as well as discomforts in the night times cause insomnia (75).

This paper is important for the pharmaceutical company who aims to promote a new drug that is aimed at eliminating the problem of sleeplessness. The company needs to understand the groups that are most commonly affected by insomnia as the factors that cause insomnia in such age groups.

The purpose of the report is to create an understanding of insomnia as well as it causes. It also brings out an explanation of the different classifications of insomnia in different people as well as the possible available solutions. With an understanding of this, it is possible to understand the problems as well as the possible medications for the cases that exist.

The data was obtained by doing quantitative research on the people in order to create an understanding of the relationship between how the medications work as well a show the patients respond to such medications in general (Edinger & Carney 75)…

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